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  1. Roopie

    Question GMS v200.3 Item Filter AOB

    Hey, does anyone know the AOB for Item Filter script for GMS v200.3?
  2. Roopie

    Question Auto Terminate Script

    Nvm, useless post, please delete.
  3. Roopie

    Question Auto Terminate Script

    Hi, what do I change on this script to allow up to a number of players or certain IGN's? [v198.2 GMS] Auto Terminate
  4. Can someone help me out? I get error when trying to assign these scripts to Cheat Table: GMS 198.2 Skill Injection GMS 198.2 Auto Attack
  5. Roopie

    Help Please Remove

    Solved. Thank you. Please Remove.
  6. Hi, I'm completely new to this. I want to know how to update CE scripts for GMS v.180.2 Some of the scripts that are already released on this website are not working on this particular private server. How do I go about updating these? How do I get SI + GND to work? If someone can help me or just give me some working scripts for this server, it would be great.
  7. Roopie

    Question AriesMS - Year 2020 Ban

    Does anyone know what the Year 2020 ban is in AriesMS? Is it a manual ban by an admin? Has anyone gotten it?