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  1. Nickerian

    Feedback Future of Moopler

    The biggest issue with ems hacking community from the start was due to lack of bypasses and bots. New users want to download with 3 clicks and then you are ingame with godmode and even if it sounds "lame" new users that never heard about cheatengine, C++ or even the word assembler or hex maybe not even byte yeah the list is very long but those users needs to be able to feel the "power" of hacking to actually get any interest at all if its hard they wont even try. For very long now there have been no bots, except mine which i create as a hobby and aimed for botters. its complicated to setup and require you to have knowlength about these kind of things. a first step to get more members would be a simple tool that require no setup. just open it up and you have godmode, autoloot, autopotter and unlimited flashjump or some other "cool" feature for the new kids (some kind of launcher with dll injection bascilly). these simple tools have been long gone sadly and it have probably pushed away many people who wanted to try it out. atm XC doesnt have a MSCRC therefore its very simple to do this for single client
  2. Nickerian

    Request Assembly to EIP

    if all you want is to return from the function you dont need to jump to ret 0004 instead you can just add it right into the script, (less to update) i will base it on your original script instead of takus that offers onoff function [enable] globalalloc(code_block,128) // 008D5BA0 code_block: ret 0004 [disable] with onoff [enable] globalalloc(code_block,128) // 008D5BA0 alloc(bool,1) registersymbol(bool) bool: db 00 code_block: cmp byte ptr [bool],00 push ebp je 008D5BA1 // 008D5BA0 + 1 pop ebp ret 0004 [disable]
  3. Nickerian

    Request Assembly to EIP

    That works also but the allocation size is to small
  4. Nickerian

    Request Assembly to EIP

    I assume you want to use this to avoid CRC checks. EIP is a register that you usually shouldent use but what it does is to keep track of the next instruction address "The instruction pointer register points to the memory address which the processor will next attempt to execute; it cannot be directly accessed in 16-bit or 32-bit mode " what you actually do is to change the next address to your hook address which creates an "invisible" jump it was a while ago i did this but i assume its something like this [enable] alloc(myhook, 128) alloc(eipValue, 4) registersymbol(eipValue) eipValue: dd myhook myhook: do your stuff jmp RetAddress [disable] add eipValue to your table and change the value to hexadecimal and you should have the eip value
  5. Nickerian

    Good VB Tuotorials

    If you want to continue later on VB is the worst lg you can choose due to it syntax. i would recommend C++/C# or dephi (my favourite simple and powerful). With most lg's you find there is always the "learn in 21 days" tutorials (can be found free all over the place also) and you have the "dummies" books which is really recommended http://www.amazon.com/Teach-Visual-Basic-Complete-Training/dp/0672315122
  6. Nickerian

    Request Blaze Wizard Hacks

    find the pointer which tells if its already alive or not (usually 0/1) track and tarce it and find the "death" function which is called from when you CC and when you spawn another and sometimes timedout. patch the caller which kills it when spawned (keep the CC one) This will most likely allow you to use it unlimited time also
  7. Nickerian

    Outdated iBotYou

    The bypass have 5 seconds to load before the bot is injected then it still have a few seconds before the bot actually enable any cheats (when the game screen have loaded). If you need to select character by yourself the autologin aint working which means the bypass is not initialized propperly
  8. Nickerian

    Outdated iBotYou

    Make sure your antivirus aint interupting with the dll injection. if the autologin works and you have no welcome screen (nexon and wizet logo) it should work
  9. Nickerian

    Outdated iBotYou

    ibotyou is no longer allowed to be released on moopler due to the fact that the site admin allow users to hack other user without any consequences. happend more then once now and none of the users have gotten ban so far. Im a person of morals and i cant agree with this sort of actions
  10. Nickerian

    Request GND or other way to speed up 50m dmg

    You can speedup skillinjection, there is a check if the skill s already running which can be disabled and the skills will overlap themself however it dc within seconds. you can also use GND with remove the whole attack animation but it will also DC. the 500k or 50m (which aint only 50m its like 50x6 or something like that didnt count). your problem is not the skill its that you attack 1 mob at the time, while you attack the mob its already dead but you are waiting for the server to tell you its dead before you move to the next one. the slower connection you have the slower kill rate you will get
  11. Nickerian

    Question Autoloot

    Sure but i didnt think it was nessecary because the source is provided Dll only - https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/e1ee5ab1f805801ce99e14dedf2a904ab8c2c7c9082b1c517140016415bf744b/analysis/1454960960/ Source + Dll (Packed with winrar) - https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/90161b1fc274ebca19b19eb0f0eb5d02654f1ab07fe00022cfb80babc11efd95/analysis/1454960970/
  12. Nickerian

    Question Autoloot

    Untested but should work since i used it as a sample source on another site (the pointers), pointers are set not autoupdated Tubi and AutoLoot included (Numpad0) without the imagine being passed therefore it wont annoy you while typing aka chatting. it also pause half a second when you jump (Alt key) to not annoy you while using flashjump, it also reads the CharX position to see if you are ingame or login screen. (multiclient supported) Note that there are more things included in the source, This is just an quick edit of an example source i made AutoLoot.rar include source and bin, build with Delphi XE 8 SimpleBot.dll is only the dll you inject AutoLoot.rar SimpleBot.dll
  13. MSCRC would result in shutdown pretty quickly, compared to HB which takes a few minutes. you dont really need the emulator to be able to open the game and play and use CE (just prevent XC to load and u can play for a few minutes), the emulator is just to keep the client alive.