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  1. Here's the NCMO leak. I actually used the lib in an old CLB project to login 😄 https://github.com/RajanGrewal/AuthHook/tree/master/AuthHook/NMCO
  2. Darter

    Farewell A long overdue goodbye

    Wiz Khalifa - See You Again ft. Charlie Puth [Official Video] Furious 7 Soundtrack
  3. 10+ years of being involved in the community, staying up to date with the game/client/hacks/exploits, doing/trying stuff every day consistently, a passion/desire to learn, making friends and such along the way, working with teams and learning from others, the list goes on and on and on and on. its your own journey / adventure. no set way brother. best of luck my friend.
  4. my boy how have you been !? add me on discord!!
  5. Darter

    Help CLB Channel Server

    theres a few different ways to login...try diff avenues. (webstart, normal login, nmco). omg i swear to god once when i did gms clb nexon changed IP's but the old one was still running so for some reason i could get past login but not ingame. stumped me for weeks until i peeked at ip LOL
  6. the reason my localhost enabler didnt work for u was because u injected it too late. wspstartup had already been called for maplestory context very early in client launch. you need to create maplestory suspended , inject, then resume thread so youre the first mofucker in this bitch. then itll work np for u. heres code i use to inject my thingy https://github.com/RajanGrewal/Rebirth/blob/master/RebirthClient/RebirthLauncher/Main.cpp