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  1. This is so easy.. MapleStory simply coded their own PtInRect. Found it in no time with my bypass that allows me to use CE VEH Debugger! There you go! It's for GMS v.199.2 and sorry i could of posted it yesterday after getting home from university but instead I went to get drunk & laid you can achieve a safe item vac if you play around with [esp] (Return Address) btw
  2. roleat

    Question Opcode Encryption

    bruh you already asked on ragezone on the same thread where the method was posted and all your post on rz is begging for the key. Now since you showed sign of weakness. No one is going to give it to you unless you pay them.
  3. I have you on fb already no? rajan if its u lol
  4. When I get home from university, I'll take a look at it for you.
  5. System Call WOW64: Snippet: Hooking Engine: https://github.com/Sentinel-One/minhook Inject 64 bit dll into WOW64 process: https://github.com/yardenshafir/rewolf-wow64ext