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  1. gucci

    Farewell A long overdue goodbye

    If you're permanently leaving, why not just release everything you have backlogged?
  2. gucci

    Help Global Maplestory M API

    I'm not wanting to bot as far as leveling a char or anything. I'm trying to pull stats for characters and guilds, which chars are members of which guilds, which chars don't have guilds, see what equipment chars have and the equipment stats, those kinds of things so I can display them in an app. I know I prob won't be able to get all of the info I'm interested in getting, but some would be nice. I mean, I'm def interested in hearing what all you've figured out though. I've used a mitm to capture packets, but like I said, a lot is encoded. Anyways, the method isn't as important to me as actually being able to get the information and the process being automatable (as long as it isn't SUPER sketchy/hacky) so I can actually write a script to do it. btw unrelated, but have you seen that the Hero classes are now in the game's files?
  3. gucci

    Help Global Maplestory M API

    Hey everyone! I've been trying to work out the Maple M API. It uses a few different URLs, which you can see many of in Ezekiel's Connection, Ports, whatever post. I haven't been able to find a whole lot of valuable information so far, as a lot of the packets are encoded, but I have found a few little things. I have no problem grabbing basic things like event info, and my account specific strings (how they're identifying which user I am, I mean), but I'm working on a project (a free one, just being clear so you guys know I'm only trying to help Maplers, and not asking for help just to make myself money) that would seriously benefit from me being able to programmatically pull things like guild names, members, and ranks, character names, stats, equipment, etc, item info, map info, mob/monster info, and all those kinds of things via Maple M's API. I'll post a lot of the base URLs, upload a file with packets sent and received by the game while starting up and while doing things like changing maps, looking at stats, etc., and add in any information I've already found on my own when I get back on when I wake up because it's super late here rn. Obviously I'll have to scrub any information pertaining to my account, but I'm 110% sure you guys know how to capture packets from an android emu and can replace my account's strings with your own to try looking into things. On the off chance you don't know how, just ask and I'll help you If anyone has any helpful information related to the API or what I'm trying to do, I'd really, really appreciate it. Thanks!