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    Question Structured Sniffing Logger

    I made a packet editor in qt and sold a few copies of the source to some people on another forum. Perhaps the source is now posted public and you could try looking for it. Or I could look on my hdd If I still have it.
  2. Iolreeree

    Release NexonGameThreat (NexonGameSecurity bypass)

    One hundred percent sure it is leeched if it's posted by valdemar caroe. Fun fact: He told some other foreign asians kid in another thread that kms has "over 50 crc". Thus showing the world the emptiness that vacants his very mind.
  3. Iolreeree

    Release NexonGameThreat (NexonGameSecurity bypass)

    That emulator dates from 2015 when ngs was version and it was stolen from Mahorori @aasdfrlsbypass The stealer couldn't update or maintain it, so its only resolve was to post it public on his github in 2017.
  4. The time has come. I noticed a few errors, so instead of obliterating your soul. I first decided to erase your confusions, 1.on 32 bit it's called KiFastSystemCall, but on 64 bit it's Wow32Reserved. "TEB Hook" kek so easy to manipulate knew aasdf was gonna trigger him 2. all native function does, retard 3. refer to ss at op 4. aasdf taught rewolf how to code. Not sure if the last paragraph was suppose to make aasdf feel dandy. Seems like little valdemar caroe was obsessed since march when aasdf made that post on his thread and waited up until now to reword what has already been spitted at him Goomba and aasdf are two different persons fucking retard To anyone reading this, do know that valdemar caroe has some mental issues, first telling some foreign asian kid on another thread that kms has over 50 ngs crc and here he is now wasting his life here everyday logging on moopler spreading bullshit like AIDS he even stalk aasdf on social media commenting on his profile pic and such.