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  1. I haven't graduated from primary school for over a year.

  2. Taku

    Other Debugging Challenge

    proof that this is an actual thing and can happen in practice for those who think I have lost sanity.
  3. Taku

    Other Debugging Challenge

    Good answer, however, "For the [...] instruction to be a hit with any break-on-access breakpoints, the instruction must have a memory type operand. " is not necessarily true. It's from here things start to get a bit eccentric. The following are examples of instructions that can be found from a break on access trace: jae rel32 shr r32,imm8
  4. Taku

    Other Debugging Challenge

    Hint: The hit can be any instruction that affect the zero flag.
  5. Taku

    Other Debugging Challenge

    You break on access at some unknown location in memory, and the resulting hit is an instruction that doesn't access that location. Explain what might've happened.
  6. Taku

    Feedback your doing good, but..

    one problem is that the quantity of people who can make great contributions, that are still active from the scene, are less than a handful. another is that these people are on a level were most learners have trouble comprehending their content. the serious problem is that no learners really put the effort in catching up with those handful of people.
  7. *inhales* boi what are we supposed to do with this information you have provided. you haven't told us which region or version of maplestory you want to find this for. for hwid, go take a look at the .pdb leak and see how you can trace a signature for CSystemInfo::GetMachineId (hwid function). for crc, start by understanding what it actually is, here is a decent explanation taken from stackoverflow. ... Now, what if you could calculate some value that is much smaller than the data itself yet is dependent on it? So if the data changed along the way (memory hacking), the calculated value would no longer "match" the data and you would know a memory edit has occurred. Is there such a calculation? What about simple division and taking a remainder as this value? Say I want to transmit an information/number 1,000. I divide it by chosen number - like 6 for instance ... that gives me 166 and a remainder of 4. I take the remainder as my check value which is much smaller than the information I'm actually transmitting. If a memory edit had occurred and it would receive 998 instead of 1,000 due to hacking - it would divide it by 6, get a remainder of 2 which does not match 4 and viola it knows a hacking attempt has occurred. That is the basic principle of CRC. Of course it is a little more complicated because it divides by a polynomial but the principle of using a remainder as a "short value representing the data" to check it for changes in the same way stands. ... once you grasp it's concept, it should be logical that we need to either stop the CRC completely, or trick it with false information. the latter is the most common method to bypass the crc. the only requirement is having a functional debugger.
  8. I not speak english very well, but this post is a fucking
  9. An unexpected turn of events, leading to the removal of Donald, this is what came with the latest update. "Several years ago, the MapleStory game team introduced a Non-Player Character (NPC) named Donald. To avoid any misunderstanding, we have decided to replace Donald with a new NPC with the same functionality. The new character will appear on March 1 during our game update. Moving forward, we will strive to keep Maple World a politically neutral environment for all of our players." - Nexon Today is a sad day, today we all officially say goodbye to a character who played a significant role to the community. R.I.P.
  10. Taku

    Release Jaguar Skill Hack

    Sorry for your loss but, please don't post this kind of promotion on Moopler. I don't think expressing your opinion in this manner merits anybody. Compared to other platforms, Moopler is one which relies on the factor of sharing, without this concept there would simply be no real community.
  11. Taku

    Discussion Graphic Design

    plese mek potrait of downside up jafel thank Also, that's a nice painting, keep it up.