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  1. jack753

    Discussion New design

    it looks good. I can recommend small sizes for areas with text, it has been proven it reads a lot better if the width isn't as wide (as it is now)
  2. finally got vmware working now still all thos errors and red lines in visual studio
  3. im not sure but yo usaid to click on OK on each message when opening .sln file but now after following all steps I get these errors also for virtual pc.. i have no clue how to do that. i tried many different ISO but always it won't install or give errors when booting
  4. i have an error in the vmware when i try to start xigncodehost. it says msvcp120.dll missing ive installed vc++ 2013 on both computers. and ive followed all of the instructions in the video. anyone has any ideas what is going wrong?
  5. jack753

    Outdated Fame Exploit [V114.1]

    will try useful for xx fame areas
  6. hmm only 185k is not much but still very cool especially early 100 will try bro
  7. This script will not do this thing but, This is what possible with reactors and even more. but not like able to get certain event item drops and selling them for tons of moneh? Kappa
  8. so example use? you talk about event items? like what?
  9. jack753

    Introduction ez teky

    Hello taku i've seen unbantaku notices everywhere, you're famous
  10. jack753

    Outdated Kami v114.1

    go ch14 It only worked it ch4 but since today i just get way to fast DC's Im only using godmode, unlim attack, kami loot. Some gm's checked ch14 yesterday, im not sure for now wait it out stay low i've encountered them while hacking LOL so be careful