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  1. i'm getting error when i try to debug the files.. it says that has another debugger runing and doesn't matter what i do, i Always get these.. i think it's time to give up.. i'm too much angry with this...
  2. now i got "a debugger is runing... close it and try again" fuck
  3. i got the same here.. when i start the xigncode host it opens a black window (like a prompt) and closes REALLY fast..
  4. yeah, i got the same thing here.. every 5 min i got a dc
  5. ok, i've does everything, but when i execute the "XignCode Host.exe" in my another pc, nothing happens.. is that ok?
  6. what i need to do with the xingcode folder? the last step of the option 1. i need to change the name in the visual studio or change my folder to the name in visual studio? i'm a little bit confuse
  7. ty very much.. i think i understand i'll test here. ps.: sorry for my bad english ;/
  8. i have to do ALL step in my other pc? i don't understand what i need to do on my "maple pc" and on my "other pc"