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  1. xScriptZx

    Question Where does Maple store job names?

    I saw them at exe file, not at wz files.
  2. xScriptZx

    Question American gateway loadbalancing

    What kind of "light" do u need? Not many kinds of load balancing allow a client to keep the communication channel open for a large period of time. So probably, the LB is configured as persistent, wich meants... the client enter into the balancer. The balancer save the IP address of the client and then, until the client disconnects, it would be remain against the same server in until logoff. Pretty sure it works in that way. In other case, you would be continiously disconnected from the login server (usr and pass token are not balanced unless you use Singel Sign On (SSO))
  3. xScriptZx

    Question Attack Count Increase

    Based on this answer, probably Night Lords. Get an extra strike with the Hyper skill... PD: I don't ever bore to try it, since I do not have a NL nor use this hack. Was just to spread some light about all the questions regarding this..
  4. xScriptZx

    Question Hi-Five and Shining Santa Box ItemID

    ermmm... He said change.
  5. xScriptZx

    Question Hi-Five and Shining Santa Box ItemID

    Mesos: dd #1000000000000000000000000000000 // Minimum meso
  6. xScriptZx

    Help [REQ] eMS botting tutorial

    Wondering if you ever bore to read the bypass instructions posted by Sprux..... Read again, and when you get the bypass working, come back here and would be a pleasure help you.
  7. xScriptZx

    Feedback Elite section name

    Moopler Glories Moopler Galore Premium Moopler Golden Moopler Razz B1tches (why not?)
  8. Sorry, seems too obvious.. Your AoB is not as correct as you think...
  9. Is not working the aircheck I posted @ scripts thread?
  10. xScriptZx

    Question Blazing Extinction FMA script

    u meant this?
  11. xScriptZx

    Question Mob vac ems

    by mob vac... u meant mov vac left or right¿?