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  1. AnnoyingMushroom

    Giveaway 1b Kradia Giveaway

    578 What's Bruce Lee's favourite drink? Wataaahhh!
  2. AnnoyingMushroom

    Question File be missing?

    Nope. It's been removed
  3. Works fine now . Thanks for the solution
  4. AnnoyingMushroom

    Outdated Script Thread V116.2

    I tried that and they only detect the latest script I ticked/marked. But I'll test it again. Thanks
  5. AnnoyingMushroom

    Outdated Script Thread V116.2

    I'm using power elixirs. So I tried this method but the keybind is on the same key. It only worked for 1 and not the other.
  6. . I got this IP when i typed ipconfig in my vm cmd It's configured as NAT already
  7. @Nanoteck nope. it says unreachable.
  8. Nope. But it's blank for some reason. I double checked my path and everything And the XignCode client window popped up yesterday for me but not today. Not sure why either. I did not make any changes
  9. If you meant XignCode Client > client.cpp for IP then yes I set the correct IP which is the IP of my VM. I also tried disabling firewall on both VM and main computers. I still dced.
  10. How did you manage to solve the d/c every 5 mins problem?
  11. AnnoyingMushroom

    Outdated Script Thread V116.2

    how do you make it so that the script autopots both mana and hp? like they both have different threshold values.
  12. Ah. Thank you. I thought I had the detours part covered. Sorry!
  13. After debugging, it only created the host.exe file and not the .dll file . Am I missing something here? When I press F5, I get a message box saying dll injected and a console appears with " _XignCode_initiallize" etc. After I close it, I get a lot of messages in the output on debugger saying Cannot find or open PDB file.
  14. Does it affect anything if I get the message "Cannot find or open the PDB file" when I try to debug? When I ran the .exe on my VM. A blank console opened up and then close after a while.