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  1. YaBishSince93PowerPT

    Kradia 1b Giveaway

    420 cuz swag smoke it up YALL! jk Entry Number : 780
  2. I got a fake a/b from this, scared the FUCK out of me! but i was like 30mins in to it.
  3. YeeShin Always Delivers All hail king YeeShin!
  4. YaBishSince93PowerPT

    Dmg hack 50m on some bosses

    Maybe 80%
  5. YaBishSince93PowerPT

    Outdated Reactor Detector [V114.1]

    Exactly what i asked for YeeShin!! Thanks man!
  6. YaBishSince93PowerPT

    Outdated Fame Exploit [V114.1]

    I tryed it, it didnt worked out edit: forgot to enable and i sent 40 memos F555555555555555
  7. YaBishSince93PowerPT

    Heyo Moopler♥

    Hey, whats up =) Welcome
  8. YaBishSince93PowerPT


    Welcome bud
  9. YaBishSince93PowerPT

    Outdated Fame Exploit [V114.1]

    Nice one =)
  10. YaBishSince93PowerPT


    Bruh Bruuuuuuuuuuh!!
  11. YaBishSince93PowerPT

    Outdated Reactors Morph + Spawn Control [V114.1]

    You would love dat... and SO WOULD I!!
  12. YaBishSince93PowerPT

    Introduction OhMaGaad I'm here.

    Yeah its almost the same price, in my region (Sintra) i live by the sea and we got a good quantity of places to plant dem, so thats what we do, me and a few mates are from a small town and we plant and rarely sell we use it for our own consume, sometimes we need ot buy of course the weather is kinda unstable (global warming ) and it fucks our plants ps: we get our seed from sensiseeds.com or dutch-passion.nl