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  1. Muurling

    Question Places to hack

    Hey guys, Any idea's for a lvl 150 blaze wizard to make money and levels! Greetings Muurling
  2. Muurling

    Question Returning after almost 2 years

    V.177.3 ! The site Enthusiast is talking about is Wecodez.
  3. Muurling

    Release GMS/EMS v177.3 Scripts

    This is the script, its the original scriptb
  4. Muurling

    Release GMS/EMS v177.3 Scripts

    Hey guys I've been using some script for a few day's now. But now suddenly my CT is gone. so i had to make a new one. Then i try to use the put the auto pet loot script in my CT he suddenly gives problems Error : Error in line 56 (call MapVirtualKeyA) : this instruction cant be'compiled
  5. Muurling

    Question FMA Leveling up DC

    This one doesnt work with 1st job orbital flame.. It doesnt on me i mean..
  6. Muurling

    Question FMA Leveling up DC

    Is there a way to fix it ?
  7. Muurling

    Question FMA Leveling up DC

    Hello guys I made a Blaze wizard, And everytime i level up using FMA i DC. The problem is the explosion when leveling up.. FMA doenst block this attack. Anyone knows how to fix this? Greetings
  8. Oh i am sorry! I am using VMWare Workstation pro. Windows 10. X64. Tried to make that VideoBiosVersion but that does not work. (I got the right type) But it does not work
  9. I get the error : Cant run this under virutal machine.. And i googled it and i get a guide what to do, But there is no VideoBiosVersion in my regedit.
  10. Muurling

    Question Bugged?

    Hello guys, I logged in on maplestory. And everything works untill i try to log in on my Evan or blaze wizar. then after i enter my PIC it Dc's.. Anyone know why this is, or how to fix it? Greetings, Muurling
  11. Muurling

    Help Hacking detected

    Bumping cause changed
  12. Muurling

    Help Hacking detected

    Thanks for the help!
  13. Muurling

    Help Hacking detected

    Hello guys i stopped my bot after 2 days of botting yesterday, and today i tried to start it up and i get this (See picture) i use the barrage skill , auto pet food, auto pet vac, godmode, item filter. Anyone knows why this is ? I still use the same bypass. Greetings, Muurling