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  1. It's nice to see someone trying atleast.
  2. Enthusiast

    Release Arcane Symbol Exploit

    kek, quite sure that's what got me banned a week after I did the exploit. Feelsbadman
  3. Enthusiast

    Question Already logged in

    Normally that happens to me when I lag out. It takes anywhere from 10-30 minutes to get unstuck. Same thing for you or a much longer waiting time?
  4. Thank you @Razz, @OuterHaven, and @hippo for keeping Moopler alive and well. Hoping to see more of the same in 2017
  5. Enthusiast

    Release Release:- GodMode V178.1

    Thanks for the update, but I think it's better you hold on for the thread to be created to add all the updated scripts into one thread.
  6. So what? He was nice enough for other people to enjoy, and people are grateful for it. It's not like its last hack to ever be out there
  7. Enthusiast

    Question Returning after almost 2 years

    Yeah merge happened, Sprux hasn't released a proper bypass atm, but he released an alpha trainer that he said had bypass encoded in the trainer. I forgot where he uploaded it, but it's called firefly if I'm not mistaken.
  8. Enthusiast

    Question Updating script

    @Razz if the client is updated from say 116.1->116.2, the scripts would still work, correct? It's only when the client goes from 116.1->117.1 do the headers need to be updated. When is it that the AOBs become outdated? @MuurlingHave you already tried updating headers using aobs?
  9. Enthusiast

    Information magic

    taku plz
  10. Enthusiast

    Feedback Elite section name

    Moop for the Smoops
  11. Enthusiast

    Release Scripts Library v118.2

    These scripts were updated by @OuterHaven. Hide most skill effects: No Background: No mob death animation: No Mob reaction:
  12. YeeShins exploits cure cancer #spreadtheword