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  1. Ragnar

    Introduction Hello<3

    boi stop Welcome!
  2. Ragnar

    Christmas Giveaway(GRID: Autosport)

    Hi i'll be your 3rd comment for today
  3. This still works with the current event coupons!
  4. Ragnar

    Kradia 1b Giveaway

  5. Yes, but I'd like to expand my other tabs as well
  6. Does this work with the Cash Shop coupons that cost 8K NX? It says "the item will be applied immediately upon purchase".
  7. Nicely structured guide, thanks!
  8. Here is what I do: I enable YeeShin's Reactor Force Break script before entering the map. After that I enter the map and start doing normal attacks, which cause the boss to spawn every time you hit (so break) the box. After that hit them all with 500M dmg hack and you get EXP
  9. Ragnar

    Guide All about Reactors

    Very nice guide, thank you once again YeeShin
  10. Ragnar

    Dmg hack 50m on some bosses

    You hit 1 because you don't have enough PDR. I believe you need around 70% PDR to hit him with damage hacks.