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  1. XShade

    Help Hooking ws2_32.dll send/recv functions

    It is because you are returning 0 upon DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH, refer https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/ms682583(v=vs.85).aspx
  2. XShade

    Discussion Bypassless Trainer?

    posted that in hackbotmaple's thread, im rather outdated with XignCode detection, but i rmb people used to hide their injected dll/modules by erasing PE headers and remove the dll from the PEB. Not sure if the latest XC will be able to detect it. Another option is to run the trainer outside of MapleStory process, as a standalone process, but i doubt this will work since XignCode checks for any opened process handles to MapleStory. Its best to have a XignCode bypass to avoid those troublesome issues.
  3. XShade

    Help Kanna 4th Job Monkey Spirits No Delay

    back when i release this for GMS, i wrote this down. So if the dc is real, maybe @OuterHaven can stop updating this script , lessen the burden
  4. XShade

    Help Coded,injected,nothing happened

    Depending how you going to hook, if you directly make changes to the MS memory , NGS will detect it. However, if you hook it via GetFocus, it should be fine. Other than that, XignCode will probably flag any injected files. So you might have to find a way to hide your module
  5. XShade

    Help Coded,injected,nothing happened

    You might want to check the following: Is .NET framework installed? Are you injecting the dll before Xigncode initialized?
  6. XShade

    Release EMS/GMS v178.3 Scripts

    Delayed Gateway Selection Gateway Selection
  7. XShade

    Help [Request] Flush socket/MakebufferList address

    Tips on finding flush address, BP on send api (ws2_32.send), go to function start
  8. XShade

    Question MaplestorySEA bypass/trainer

    Those hackers u seen ingame are from China, meso farmers, their trainer is private EMS has been merged to GMS and xigncode was removed from EMS after the merge plan started The old xigncode bypass released for EMS, 2 versions afaik, will not work with MSEA xigncode now, as MSEA is using newer version that patches those methods
  9. XShade

    Release GMS/EMS v177.3 Scripts

    Kanna 4th Job Monkey Spirit No Delay More testing needed, used to be able to use it without any dc pre HoM patch, but recent test shows that it will dc after awhile
  10. XShade

    Help Anyone have 176.1 Maplestory.exe

    that will give u latest exe(V176.2) http://www.mediafire.com/download/jz3jb9o2i313kva/MapleStory_V176.1.exe Virus Scan : https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/7e12758f74fff110440e2c9c32d4189832cc2758851ded41d8f19820dc3ea88b/analysis/
  11. XShade

    Release GMS Scripts v176.3

    Seems like @Fameguy forgot/mistaken those 2 addresses usage, those 2 ain't needed for this because he changed it to teleport to portal instead, those 2 addresses are used for using portals without ur character being on the portal itself IIRC, 019195D4 bypasses client side portal range check & 01919A3A stops them from replacing the ptr in RegisterPortalToEnter to null, so it can continue rush when it reaches the next map
  12. The new animation data is stored as string(JSON format) , afaik, the string is quite large, probably harepacker didn't handle it well
  13. XShade

    Help!? GMS Bypass Help Thread

    GMS NGS is still V2.12.17(which is what this bypass built for), no update
  14. XShade

    Outdated GMS Script Library v173

    In this case, it will not a/b, because the attack is done by the BE object and not by the character. Since blocking character movement stops movement packet being sent, if u do any attack using the character and managed to attack any mobs that is far away from ur character location last stored on the server side, u will get a/b as the server will treat it as CS Fma. This will also work with skills which can fma.
  15. XShade

    Maplesea Cheat Engine

    I assume Cheat Engine didn't force close itself, but rather, it was minimized by XignCode There are a couple of ways u can overcome this, 1)Having a XignCode Bypass 2)Having a Undetected Cheat Engine by editing the src itself