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  1. otkk

    Help LF>help with updating a bypass

    I love reading these.
  2. otkk

    Discussion What should I hack?

    an aimbot for pong would be nice
  3. otkk

    Request Item Filter - Mesos and Spell Traces

    4001832 - Spell Trace 4000999 - Spell Trace 2433943 - Spell Trace then there's coupons for different amounts of spell traces, not gonna include those. Furthermore, both Firefly and nDev have item ID search functions..
  4. otkk

    Moopler Two Factor Authentication

    I just keep using password as my password for everything, nobody's gonna guess that >:) OT: great little feature that is a major key for safety. Stay safe, use condoms and 2FA
  5. otkk


  6. otkk

    Moopler 2000 Members

    "So we have to thank You!" You're welcome
  7. otkk

    Moopler News - April

    As a relatively new forum, it's doing good! Excited to see the future of moopler, Effective Hacking series is a good read even though (so far) it's no new information for me personally. 1st thread, 2nd thread of the Effective Hacking series.
  8. omg i remember PG from back in the day <3 this brings back so many memories.
  9. otkk

    Outdated iBotYou

    How is this still a thread if there's no DL link anywhere? I'd atleast remove the "[release]" tag infornt of the thread name
  10. otkk

    Giveaway 1b Kradia Giveaway

    420 best number. I PMd you