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  1. otkk

    Help LF>help with updating a bypass

    I love reading these.
  2. otkk

    Discussion What should I hack?

    an aimbot for pong would be nice
  3. #AsciiGoatse and #AsciiLogos for days.
  4. check the thread before posting all hail spruxus maximus
  5. NGS Hacking Detected 0xd0400301 (-801111295) Installed clean BlackCipher and logged in w/o hacks. I don't have anything enabled. win8.1 x64 Great when it worked for me, I'll try some more troubleshooting tomorrow.
  6. .... no. the comment on the thread JUST ABOVE yours... happens to be mine... in which i state the following ASWELL AS! Did you happen to have auto CC on on a popular map?
  7. doubt a dedicated proxy will be implemented for a free trainer. How would a proxy make it so AB's won't happen anyways?
  8. otkk

    Request Item Filter - Mesos and Spell Traces

    4001832 - Spell Trace 4000999 - Spell Trace 2433943 - Spell Trace then there's coupons for different amounts of spell traces, not gonna include those. Furthermore, both Firefly and nDev have item ID search functions..
  9. Been botting 3 days straight now with FF on reboot. Says alot about the ban risk and the stability of the trainer, me likey. EDIT: IDK if this is implemented or not, but a non-static time between the finding a player on the map and CCing on auto CC. or a 2nd check after wait for breath to see if they CCd. Saw a couple of people in a CC loop. (Just CCing with channel#+1) And iirc CCing nonstop could AB.
  10. otkk

    Release [Beta] Firefly Trainer

    it kill monster when i click hak 10/10 IGN.
  11. If 15line Orbital flame was added (or a way to implement scripts in the GUI) it would have everything I need ATM. 4.20/5 so far, and just in beta. Keep up the good work!