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    Outdated iBotYou

    OK so I fixed the crashing by redownloading iBotYou, but it still won't select a server, although it works if I manually select a server. Also, kami works, but kami loot doesn't. It just keeps teleporting me onto the maps portals without looting anything, which is annoying. Any idea how I could solve this? Apart from these two minor things (which I'm sure are just issues on my end), it works great! Thanks a lot for this awesome hack!
  2. NiggerDigger2

    Outdated iBotYou

    Hello, I succesfully installed XC bypass and tried to use this hack, but it crashes almost instantly (e.g about 30 seconds after the game boots up, I barely have time to select a character before it crashes). I have tried CE tables from this forum and they work fine, so I'm pretty sure I installed the bypass correctly. Could it be that this hack isn't giving the bypass time to start working (it says in the tutorial to wait 3-4 minutes upon startup). Did I do something wrong? Any thoughts? Thanks in advance, guys