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  1. chimera

    Information Exploits.

    Taku dupe is the best exploit, still works. OT: no one will really give anything out.
  2. chimera

    Request Drop EQP Inventory script

    Why don't you change that then? you can easily find this in the packet structure just. just drop something in your first slot and then second slot and, then look at the packet structure at what byte has changed But anyways i believe when i was playing the structure was a bit like this not sure if it has changed(sorry if im wrong) :-( ZZ ZZ ** ** ** ** 02 XX 00 00 00 YY 00 01(equip), 02(use), 03(etc), 04(set up), 05(nx) ZZ = Header XX = Slot Number 01, 02, 03, etc YY = Number of items you want to drop so 01,
  3. nigger  

    1. chimera



      taku is love taku is life :wut:

  4. chimera

    Introduction Heyooooo !?

    Nice to meet you Mitko, But why do you have a japanese name
  5. Don't Mind me, Just flexing 0____ :wut: ____0

  6. chimera

    Moopler License

    isn't DMCA an American thing? I would doubt that a european host would take DMCAs seriously as I thought they ignored them well my host ignores them anyways.
  7. welcome enjoy your stay :D
  8. By any chance do you gain extra AP aswell?
  9. can this teleport work for other things, or is it just related to this quest?
  10. chimera


    Welcome to mooper
  11. hey, my name is chimera. im living in united kingdom, and im 23 years old likes: trolling/hacking on maplestory/gaming/ and dislikes: nexon