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  1. Welcome to moopler!
  2. hippo

    Discussion Loot

    I moved your topic since its a question
  3. hippo

    Information HELP

    i moved your thread to the right section
  4. hippo

    Introduction sup

    Hello and welcome to moopler!
  5. hippo


    Thank you very much guys! <3
  6. hippo

    Help GMS v. 178.4 Kami

    i moved the thread to to right place. Please post next time in the right section
  7. hippo

    Question Hi-Five and Shining Santa Box ItemID

    find this part: ItemList: dd 00 // End of list and just add your two items. It will look like this: ItemList: dd 2431307 dd 2435718
  8. hippo

    Moopler 2000 Members

    Hello community, as you may noticed, moopler crossed the 2000 member line! We are very happy about the development of moopler! But what is a community without great members? Thats right, nothing! So we have to thank You! Without you, moopler wouldnt be anything. The team is very glad to have a nice community like this! Thanks to all people who contributed with hacks, scripts, trainers etc. Thanks to all people who help other with problems. Thanks to all people who make this place great! We know thats not always easy to do the right or satisfy every user here on moopler. But we are always trying to give our best for you and the community. It doesnt matter if you are a good coder or just a user, who enjoys to hack in maplestory. You will always matter here on moopler! Never forget that! At the end i would like to add something: The world is cruel, lets have a place where people treat each other with respect! Lets have a place where people stick together and have a good time! cheers, your moopler team
  9. hippo

    Introduction Welcome me xD

    Welcome to Moopler! Have a good time here
  10. hippo

    Release EMS/GMS v178.3 Scripts

    I think we have to become clearer: This thread is only for posting scripts or discussing scripts! Any kind of questions about updating scripts, posting scripts or using scripts should be posted in a seperated thread! Ignoring this statement will result in a warning!
  11. Hello guys, here is something you might be interested in. the script allows orbital flame to hit 15 lines of damage. Screenshots or video will be added later. have fun
  12. hippo

    Release GMS/EMS v177.3 Scripts

    Guys, this thread is only for posting scripts and discussion about scripts! Please refrain from asking for scripts or posting other stuff.! I will clean now the thread.
  13. Please use the "like-this" button to show your appreciation
  14. hippo

    Criticism Moopler should not go ccplz 2.0

    First at all, thanks for your feedback. Let me explain my point of view: - I think i can handle pretty well jokes, since i have a pretty dark humour. - Im not against having fun. You can use the chatbox for any point of fun, discussions etc. - IMO its okay to make jokes about hitler, jews, or any other subjects. I do it myself. But we have some quality standarts here at moopler. I know it was a joke, but how will this forum end, if all people post things like that? Where will be the limit? - I dont see myself as ccplz mod, since i dont act of arbitrariness. All given warnings have a reason. You can always pm me, if you have a problem with it or an other point of view. If you bring constructive arguments, i will revoke the warning. But i cant take arguments like: " if you can't handle fucking jokes , you should go back to yo mama......." serious. Its not my attention to attack you or blame you, but i dont like the situation, that the mods are always the bad guys.
  15. hippo

    Question AriesMS client bypass

    Why did you open a new thread again about the same problem? Please use your current thread for question