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  1. rafakinkas

    Request [Request] Item ID'S

    Hi everyone. i have some item ID's but its not working i don't know why. Im looking for Spell traces , cubics and chaos cubic Id's..
  2. rafakinkas

    Introduction a

  3. rafakinkas

    Question lag reducing scripts.

    is there CPU hack available for EMS atm?
  4. rafakinkas

    Best maps for 500k dmg hack?

    in game you have a perfect guide for that just press u or y i can't remember it, but it all depends if you want to lvl up fast or just bot. If ur botting to get money and cubics and so on you better go to maps in ur level range if you want to level up fast just go to mobs above ur average. At lvl 10 i go to Gold Beach till 30 Then i go to Drakes till 50 from 50 u can go to Wolfspiders or at 60 go to magatia or leafre till 100 or something then go ToT and so on. Well this is what i do .
  5. rafakinkas

    Kradia 1b Giveaway

  6. rafakinkas

    Improvements on thread-tags.

    i like the idea aswell . lets see what razz has to say.
  7. rafakinkas

    Air Loot?

    the addys are good i think maybe it got patched
  8. rafakinkas

    Air Loot?

    i tried , nothing happened.
  9. rafakinkas

    Question Pet Vac Update

    didn't know. Thanks. sorry for the post razz. u can delete it.
  10. rafakinkas

    Question Pet Vac Update

    Hey Guys how to update a script like this since it has no addys ? [enable]label(pet_teleport_restore)registersymbol(pet_teleport_restore) alloc(pet_teleport_hook,128)label(pet_teleport_return) aobscan(pet_teleport_aob,8B 50 04 8B 00 ? ? 8D 4D)aobscan(vecctrl_set_position_aob,8B ? 24 ? 8B 41 ? 8B 40 ? 56 8D 71 ? 8B 4C 24 10) pet_teleport_aob:pet_teleport_restore:jmp pet_teleport_hookpet_teleport_return: pet_teleport_hook:push esimov esi,eaxmov edx,[eax+04]mov eax,[eax]pushad lea ecx,[edi+4]mov ebx,[edi+4]mov ebx,[ebx+20]call ebx push [esi+04]push [esi]push 00mov ecx,eaxcall vecctrl_set_position_aob popadpop esijmp pet_teleport_return [disable]pet_teleport_restore:mov edx,[eax+04]mov eax,[eax] unregistersymbol(pet_teleport_restore) dealloc(pet_teleport_hook)
  11. worked perfect for me , thanks YeeShin
  12. rafakinkas

    Maplestory crashs after login

    As Razz said its probably the best way to fix it is by reinstalling the game. but delete all maplefolders when u unistall it.
  13. rafakinkas

    Release exploit??

    Well thanks for the posting but reseting the map by using MouseFlyHack works better and faster
  14. cant make this work.. im just doin the quests ... tryed a lot of times when i received reward and didnt work for me.. fk