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  1. Jump4joy

    Moopler Public statement #2 - Drama 3.0

    melv got REKT
  2. Jump4joy

    Outdated Script Thread V116.2

    well with the information you gave me i am able to solve it atleast to find out what the issue is. The bypass / host thing works perfectly , i can stay on 24/7 so or it are the script setting, or the following you said: so yeah thank you, i will puzzle it out.
  3. Jump4joy

    Outdated Script Thread V116.2

    Well i was walking while the 500k dmg hack was on once and Dc"ed but that was because i was a bit laggy i think, but if i want to bot the 25 minutes without DC and keep looting i just need the propper settings for that. May i ask if u yourself did an PMD while botting the full 25 mins without DC? and if so what exact things are u using besides the pet item vac, mob freeze and damage hack?
  4. Jump4joy

    Outdated Script Thread V116.2

    Again thanks for ur tips, so bassicly if we fix a kami for the movement issue, together with mob freeze and no godmode but only pet item vac that will or should result in a good working stable bot inside the PMD?
  5. Jump4joy

    Outdated Script Thread V116.2

    many thanks for your response to my issue, yeah i tried abit around with multitiple settings, but first i tried without the unlimited attack and it made me DC , with it there was no diffrence so i will disable it. I use it inside the RA PMD so i mustt be standing @ the bottom? and what are many items since i let my pet loot at normal speed ofc, there are just a few meso bags and mapled / pmd boxes no more. and since my pet loots i can not change that delay can i ? because they loot without an script running except the item filter.
  6. Jump4joy

    Outdated Script Thread V116.2

    While i am in PMD i ussing the following script: Item vac Item Filter Partitial godmode Full mob disarm 500k damage hack 500k support script unlimited attack, I tried multitiple diffrent settings some made me stay longer but the max i could hack straight inside PMD was 10 minutes, how is this possible? wich script is making me DC? Also i use a pet for auto picking up messo and apples inside PMD
  7. Jump4joy

    Question item filter script V116.2

    this can be closed, thanks!!! I managed to fix it myself, instead of block the items from dropping i just had to add the items wich i wanted to drop and turn reject in accept.
  8. Jump4joy

    Question item filter script V116.2

    hey guys, i just found a script of it by nickerian (thanks for that), now i was wondering how i can find the value of certain items... currently i use a pet with item vac wich works perfectly only it gives me shit loads of junk i do not want to loot and makes my invetory full that quick.. so the question: where i can find the ID value of maplestory objects and how i reject them from getting dropped. actually what i wanted it to make it do is to drop no ETC tab stuff and no pots at use tab, thanks in advance i hope someone can help.
  9. follow the newbie video tutorial it worked for me , it was with studio 2013 on win 8, but yeah finnaly got it to work, u need the ipv4 adress from ur hosting pc filled in the .Dll of the hacking PC, now it runs just fine, thanks all
  10. hello dear community, this wil be mine first post here on moopler and first of all i wanna thank you for that great guide. i have done the biggest part and was able to start CE now finnaly ingame with all files ready and filled in correctly i got this every time: https://gyazo.com/f9a2f087fab3ea667e5736c50f7da4a1 I keep on DC"ing everytime, even while i followed a video guide and did the port 38666 thing on both computers, also my path to maplestory folder is correct, not sure about my ipv4 so i show u guys where i got it from, this is the ipv4 adress i used: https://gyazo.com/57de19ad025fa76aa5c2a776419627d6 the first picture says 2 things , i opened a seperate client of the Xigncode host besides the client that automaticly opens when launching maple, 1 says thath it is connected and the other one says that interaction returned is 0 i have no clue what to do, am i missing something? did i do something wrong? (wich is obviously) since it does not work like it is suppose to. Also i use 2 computers, could it be i use the wrong ipv4adress? i have a black screen of the Xignclient on my laptop (second computer) wich i do not hack on, but it is just a black window with nothing, atleast it stays open... i used the ipv4 adress from the computer i am currently hacking on, also on this computer i made all steps the building thing with the .dll bassicly i only posted al editted files to my secondary computer and ran it as admin, however im suprised the hacks (scripts) works. and yeah on my laptop the non hacking computer i did not added the mrcvs file (ijji.dll old thing) i only did this on the computer wich i use hacks on, thanks al for your time and apologize for my poor english. I hope some one can help.