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  1. keroberos_

    Help [Solved]Help find some Offset

    mob counter was encrypted
  2. keroberos_

    Discussion How to Auto Rune (Automatically)

    0.use full map rune(hook ptinrect) 1.Hook RuneSpawnXY 2.put in edi+90 94 3.use any key or no fail rune 4.press keys
  3. keroberos_

    Help Keypress MapleStory C#

    you need to remake the script :3
  4. keroberos_

    Question hp,mp key address help!

    http://forum.cheatengine.org/viewtopic.php?t=574071 ^^
  5. + "CUserLocal::TryDoingMeleeAttack" for melee attack/summon
  6. keroberos_

    Heyo Moopler♥

    doesnt have 1337 scriptz BC bypass need
  7. keroberos_

    Heyo Moopler♥

    Heyo! I'm keroberos_ from South Korea. I had been playing for 10 years (:wut:) i wanna have a good time :3