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  1. Last time i successful use CE by the tutorial of 'How to use the XignCode host-emulator bypass(new bypass)' several months ago, but now doesn't working, who can tell me the new methods, plz ty
  2. hi, you said that currently use CT for EMS is 'Chubbz' Auto-Updating CRC and Xigncode3 Emulator by Sprux(made a snapshot of when it was still running the old Xigncode3).'   Chubbz' Auto-Updating CRC is refer to [Auto-Updating] EMS MSCRC Bypass + DLL Loader/Injector 2.0, right? if not can send me a link and 'Xigncode3 Emulator by Sprux' link plz:D ty, danke sehr,kiitos

  3. so, how to hack now? is there any new method? ty
  4. hi, today i have updated my computer 1 and 2 games, and use the tutorial steps again, everything looks good, but after a while i'll disconnect the game. what should i do
  5. maplebaimao

    Outdated V.116.2 Botting CT

    what is Kami use for? I found when I press Kami, my character will float in the air. and how to use kami with normal skills?
  6. maplebaimao

    Outdated V.116.2 Botting CT

    hi, i found the press dmg hack 1 and dmg hack 2 can not killed any monster, i can see there are dozen of 50000 att of a monster, but i think it is not real att, because the monster not dead, and don't get any exp. so what should i do?
  7. maplebaimao

    Question Playing on hacks

    hi,do you know how to use ibotu?
  8. thank you so much, it works now. and I found the VM IP may change when open you it every times.
  9. Finally, I find how to use CE, and everything works very well at noon, but just now I got some problem like this, what should I do? I tried many times, but it still not connect.
  10. hi, I have search these things for a while, but I still not find the cheat engine, so where can I get it?
  11. hi, thank you so much, everything works very well, but what should I do next step, how to att?
  12. think you for your help, let me try again.
  13. hi, i do every thing , but after I waiting a long time, the computer2 XignCode client dont have any response behind the line _XignCode_start_service, so what should I do?