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Found 24 results

  1. Limit Nox.exe and NoxVMHandle.exe to ports: 53, 443, 80, 7500, 7200, 7201, 7202, 7203, 7204, 7205, 7206. Nox literally sells everything you do to advertisers and will walk your open ports and ignores host file rules in order to connect. Port blocking and network firewall blocking ips are more ideal. You can also edit the config files in your appdata folder to remove weeb games being splashed on boot and remove refresh timeouts. In addition you can use adguard's family dns: & to block additional adverts. Android Internal Host Blocklist (you can probably find more online in regards to nox). Nexon M collects a lot device information. Add internal port blocking and a internal firewall for better results. Nox host 'launcher' is sub-user-system level (rooted). Emulating login information (look at the toy sdk I posted). It goes through almost the same exact as purchasing and heavily relies on stamp server. Uses principle of token auth. The following servers are used (lots are amazon servers): mm-staticweb.s3.amazonaws.com sample: stamp.mp.nexon.com m-api.nexon.com / toy server / sdk-push.mp.nexon.com That is it for now. Will post more later on and clean this up some time in the future. Feel free to post anything else
  2. NewSprux2.0?

    Discussion Packet Library

    So I'm currently building a Packet Library (extendable plugin for Packet Editor developers). With this, packet-editor development will be simplified tremendeously, and hopefully this will be the cause for some very advanced Packet Editor projects popping up. I'm currently deciding what features to implement, so feel free to join in on the discussion. Imagine you were a developer, who was gonna implement a packet editor interface using this library. What would you want the library to do for you, and in what way? For example: "I'd like to be able to inject packets, allowing me to choose between send/recv, and supply a payload." or "I'd like to be able to decide if the hooks are toggled on/off at a given time.".
  3. WildWildLove

    Discussion Bypassless Trainer?

    Out of curiosity and inspiration from @hackbotmaple , we actually started to try out bypassless trainer as we still does not have sufficient information about bypassing XC. We are currently working on MapleSEA trainer and I tried something like that for the trainer if(chkALoot->Checked == true) { this->lblMessage->Text = L"ALoot checked"; if(autoLootTicks < GetTickCount()) { HWND inputWindow = FindWindow(NULL, TEXT("MapleStory")); //PostMessage(inputWindow, WM_KEYDOWN, key, (MapVirtualKey(key, MAPVK_VK_TO_VSC) << 16) + 1); PostMessage(inputWindow, WM_KEYDOWN, 'C', (MapVirtualKey('C', 0) & 0xFF) << 16); autoLootTicks = GetTickCount() + 100; // next update at 100 ms this->lblCheck->Text = L"ALoot running"; } } else { this->lblMessage->Text = L"ALoot unchecked"; } It did work, the trainer was sending 'C' to MapleStory, but after awhile it started to get detected by XC. Everytime I inject the trainer, when I was at the Channel selection page it will get detected. May I know if there is any other way to do it? Or pro out there will be able to guide us on whether is there a need for XC bypass or not?
  4. roilevi79366

    Discussion Cadena si

    Hey friends Anyone know if hyper and 5 job for Cadena can be si nd force summon or something? Thx in advance
  5. maplernothaxor

    Discussion Finding Pointers/Offsets

    Hey Moopler, newfag here. I was wondering if you guys had any tips on finding pointers/offsets from scratch without any previous AoBs or opcodes to match up. Any resources or methods would be very much appreciated. Much love and happy new year!
  6. Hey all, I figured I'd do something different as a new year's post on Moopler. No melodramatic paragraphs on how awesome Moopler is. Instead we're going to focus on... YOU. What are you looking forward to in 2018? I'll start: I am looking forward to graduating this year and getting in shape for the first time in like 12 years.
  7. How can I achieve this? Can anyone help or give any suggestions (please don't say buy vip)
  8. Without activating a rune after a certain time limit you receive no exp, anyone know of a auto rune script?
  9. Hello!!! We can all see how fucked up the economy is right now. Therefor I will have to ask all Luna bottersto join my discord server so we can try and fix it. Means more irl cash/B. I'd greatly appreciate if you would hit me up if you bot in Luna. Lets fix theeconomy together. (I'll give you discord when pm'd)
  10. NewSprux2.0?

    Discussion What should I hack?

    I've been wanting to try new territory for a while now. I tried powers with Ghost In The Shell: First Assault, but it was easily defeated, and the community was EXCEPTIONALLY small. I then proceeded to try Warframe, but that too, was exceptionally easily defeated. I want to develop hacks for a game that is not only fun to develop for- and which offers loads of opportunities, but also one that is atleast somewhat populated. Throw your thoughts into the poll above. I've also prefixed all the games in the poll, based on how much personal interest I have in the game.
  11. axtranti

    Discussion Loot

    How u guys loot without having a pet? Or everyone just buys a pet?
  12. As some of you may know I'm Samantha, I would like to give something back to Moopler (apart from simple updates). I am a graphic designer and digital artist and would like to offer my services to any one looking a GUI or project for the Moopler site. Below is one of my paintings just to show what I can do, I can also animate and 3d Design with Maya. So yeah urm.... Moop Moop
  13. Razz

    Discussion New design

    Hey all, Behind the scenes I have been working on a more aesthetically pleasing design for Moopler. With the upcoming merge it seems like a good idea to (re-)establish the Moopler brand with a certain amount of improvements to the community. One of these improvements is a new design. I am about as creative as a brick, so I will need your help and input to come up with a good design for Moopler. Thus far I've come up with the following key points of the new design: Change the paragraph text size from 13px to 11-12px; The color scheme will consist out of dark headers, light backgrounds and a cool accent color; The accent color is yet to be determined. I am aiming for a 'neonish' tint of red or blue; A more compact header; Coherent set of icons on relevant places. It would be great if you guys and girls could show me some designs you like and tell me what you like about them
  14. iDraqu

    Discussion SKILL INJECTION

    Can anyone help me by telling me how to use SkillInject, so that my char can just afk level for me? Thanks
  15. SexySpecialist

    Discussion How to flirt?

    How to flirt?
  16. Please use code tag when possible. Razz:
  17. Taku

    happy bday sprux

  18. Dear Mooplers, As there's been quite some rumors about keyloggers, old database leaks, new database breaches and other password-hacking related issues I decided to write a small guide containing a few good practices for picking, using and disposing passwords. Good Practice I - Password Strength There's quite some controversy on what is a good password. Some websites or services require you to use an uppercase letter, a symbol and a number while other services don't force you to use anything. Security 'experts' often argue that a password needs to be complex, as in: having atleast one uppercase letter, a symbol, a number, and must have a length of atleast 8 characters. Other experts argue that the only thing that matters is the length of the password, as this determines the amount of possible passwords. The word commonly used to describe these statements is 'entropy': Bruce Schneier is a popular security expert, who blogs a lot about security issues and security related issues. In this blogpost he talks about his vision on secure passwords and explains how passwords are being cracked: https://www.schneier.com/blog/archives/2014/03/choosing_secure_1.html The scheme he describes is without doubt secure, but only slightly easier to remember than a pseudorandom password like the default ones on your router. Imagine taking Bruce's advice to heart about using the same password for multiple services, or rather not doing that: you would end up with atleast 15 passwords that all look like the following: uTVM,TPw55:utvm,tpwstillsecure Aside from the amount of work it requires to fill this in on mobile devices it becomes extremely hard to remember those. That's why I would like to introduce an extension of the (in)famous xckd scheme: Bruce rightfully mentioned that password cracking solutions don't necessarily lack behind anymore on passphrases or multi-word passwords. A combination of both schemes could work like this: a base word to start your password with, it can be something simple such as an animal or car brand; one or more words to describe the service the password is being used for. In netflix' case it could be movies; a symbol that will separate the 'dictionary' part of your password from the pseudorandom gibberish; a 'random' sequence of letters, numbers or characters that have some meaning to you. Your password might look like this at this point: gazelletvshows#marvel16. Other examples might be: dieselenginebank{trump45 jetfuelcantmelt!st33lbeams Please do note that this doesn't stop the password crackers from deciphering your password(s), as they will eventually get the right combination of dictionary words and 'pseudorandom' input. However, due to the addition of special characters, numbers or uppercase letters the password cracker will have to adapt to this formatting, implicating an exponential growth in possibilities. Please do also note that I'm no expert on password entropy, which is why this information might be incorrect or inaccurate. TL;DR: Find your own balance between nearly impossible to guess or deduct passwords and passwords that can be remembered. Good Practice II - Classifying services Not every service on the internet requires a unique, hard to guess password. Your bank has a higher priority than some local newspaper you're subscribed to. I personally differentiate between the following classifications 'ranks': High (Unique, less commonly used words, possibly native tongue instead of English) Services that involve money, widespread reputation, my personal life, government or employment and owned websites; Medium (Unique 'clusters' of passwords, commonly used words) Services that involve (partly) anonimized social aspects, free services, games(NOT services like Origin and Steam), Low (Easier to crack passwords) Services which I intend to use once or don't trust, services that offer no features that could harm me or others. There is only a few services that are classified as Low. One example is: I used to own a blogspot/blogger account, but stopped using it and never bothered to upgrade my password. Good Practice III - Password managers I don't have much experience with them, but it might be useful to you. Some examples of password managers: Lastpass KeePassX Password Safe Good Practice IV - E-mail Hackers are often relatively inventive people, so instead of cracking all your passwords it probably would be easier to crack the password of your e-mail and then reset all passwords for accounts linked to that e-mail address. This is the reason why your e-mail address must be secured by a exceptionally strong password and preferably some sort of two-factor authentication. Good Practice V - Reducing your online footprint You've probably signed up to a lot of websites and services using easy to remember passwords. All these services could fuck up the secure storage of your password and leak them to the outside world. Now people know a password you might use for one or more service and your security might be compromised as a consequence. Keeping track of your online footprint and request deletion of your account on websites and services you no longer use reduce the chance of your password leaking. Aside from the password story this also enhances your privacy, as there's less personal information to be found on the internet. I hope you found this information useful. If you have any constructive criticism feel free to reply.
  19. He was a apparently a scammer on gamersoul according to this: http://pastebin.com/0p9AZYnY and he's also an impersonator.. @Razz You tolerate this kind of person on your site?!
  20. A nice chat in the shoutbox reminded me of creating a topic like this. The purpose of this topic is to showoff what you've accomplished this week. It doesn't have to be MapleStory related. Guidelines Accomplishments and responses must not violate the rules / community guidelines Be descriptive of your accomplishment A humble brag is allowed, don't overdo it A picuture is a warm welcome I'll start! This week I've been working on a chat- and advertisement bot for MapleStory Europe based on clientless bot technology ®. The idea is to whisper personalized messages to other players entering the map.It looks like this now:
  21. Unknown328

    Discussion Account exchanges

    So hey there, wondering if anyone is interested on trading accounts, i really want a hayato, no matter what level, i can offer 1 account with 100 cannoneer, either 1 account with 97 shade and a 102 night walker with some perm NX on it. so a lvl 10+ would be ok for my cannoneer a lvl 100 with some stuff on it would be good for my shade and NX night walker. Leave any comments if you can help me out with this <3
  22. Dear Mooplers, I feel Moopler is really lacking a proper icon and wanted to have your opinions on what should be the icon of Moopler. For example CCPlz has the blue MapleStory house, WeCodez the blue snail and gamersoul has some orb. Suggestions are welcome