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Found 20 results

  1. Hey guys, I just wanted to share a simple tip for ppl who might be hacking using cheat engine. If you find yourself having to reopen a game like MapleStory a lot after it crashes and/or Cheat Engine, you can use Cheat Engine's scripting to automate the process of finding the MS process, attaching it, when cheat engine opens. Guide: First you locate your cheat engine installation directory, go to the autorun folder. Then you right click the folder, create a new text document, and copy & paste the following script in it: Change the process name to the name of the game process you want and the interval in milliseconds you want. For me I'm using MapleSilver.exe and 5000 so that it checks every 5 seconds if the game is running to attach to it automatically. After you modify the script to your needs, save, and then change the extension from .txt to .lua . Now when you open cheat engine, every 5 seconds, it automatically attaches to the game process. To take this one step further, you can create a exe that runs and when you click on a button, a timer starts and automatically reopens the game on a specific interval. You can also have another button that activates a timer to check if cheat engine is running, and if not automatically open it. Some basic code I used: ShellExecute("open", path, 0, 0, SW_Show); //Inside the button click event to open the process, and FindWindow(0, "MapleStory"); //Inside the timer tick event to check if window exists (if it returns 0, it doesn't). A Use Case Scenario: Say you are trying to hook a function, but you get the parameters wrong, and you're trying different stuff while debugging to make sure the stack is proper, if the stack is corrupted, cheat engine can crash, along with the game itself. So in this scenario, the program you made, auto restarts the game, auto restarts cheat engine, automatically attaches to the game in cheat engine, and then you can go back to the address you were debugging without having to do more stuff. Anyways this is all stuff that makes the process a bit more efficient. It's like Elon Musk spending time working on the robots that create the tesla cars. In the end, you might save time by using this script and creating a program that automatically reopens the game/cheatengine whenever one or both crashes. Hope this helps some of you out there EDIT: To disable the UAC popups once your program calls MS/Cheat Engine, follow this guide: https://mynuuo.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000764413-How-to-disable-UAC-for-a-specific-program
  2. Part I: Structs Part 2: Loading the data Part 3: Recursive DFS Part 4: Map Rushing Preparations Part 5: Constructing & Sending the Map Rush Packet Part 6: Map Rushing Between Islands Part 7: Map Rusher Unhandled Exceptions Part 8: TODO List: Anyways just typed this all out so I could understand my own code better and because @Razz asked. This is not meant to be anything good, just a write up of the map rusher that is in my trainer. Still a work in progress (Github: github.com/jnpl95/Timelapse). Lemme know if you guys have any tips or suggestions
  3. It seems that Reverse Engineering and finding encryptions of the networks packets and everything related to this isn't available to learn anywhere, or I'm looking at the wrong places, where did all the pro's find their way into this? Not only into Maple they can go and make bots for any game i bet
  4. Hi guys, I'm looking for 2 specific scripts that are Generic No Delay and Unlimited Attack. While both work well together but Unlimited Attack is more important. Thank you for your time.
  5. Guest

    Information Unpacking Themida

    This thread was made since there isn't much newer documentation for learning how themida works. Hopefully, my research will help others out. Feel free to exchange information about themida here. For those who don't know information is being uploaded here due to a few requests to keep it all a bit more organized: https://github.com/evodz/tea I'll fill up the git repo time goes on. Don't have much time to update and dislike writing lengthy topics / tutorials to spell everything out. Information maybe scattered because of it.
  6. Heyy!! Ive got some names from people that might have some exploits or be willing to teach me. i heared they'd be on here, so i grabbed my old moopler account and hopped on. in advance. "Bake me a cake" Allright ill bake you cake, im good at it. @OuterHaven @NewSprux2.0?@CJ. @five y can i not tag five? Would appreciate it. Cake is in the oven THANKS!!!
  7. The revised topic can be found externally on github. https://evodz.github.io/blog/2017/11/05/eip_is_life.html
  8. Hey, I have tried to update by myself Skill Injection / 15 line Orbital and i couldnt do it succesful. can anyone please send here those two scripts please? Thank you!!
  9. Did anyone ever created a PE for this game or is there any at the moment? I would like to try this game since has almost the same engine system as Maplestory Any site I can download hacks for this?
  10. Just follow the vid I've created! enjoy ^^ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgzuCaQ_e38 Guys i forgot to mention, you gotta change your CheatEngine name inside the CheatEngine Folder in order for this to work
  11. Maorii

    Information V162.4 scripts

    Hey ! Can anyone give me some v162.4 scripts please? Much appreciated
  12. xICEMANx

    Information HELP

    Hello fellow Mooplers, Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, please move it if it is not. Would someone be able to explain to me how to use the bypass and scripts. I have the CE 6.6 installed, but I am not sure if I need a bypass or where to find one. I see one for 179.3 but I don't know if it still work with the v180 update. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  13. 서민웅

    Information Anyone have Foreground Bypass?

    Anyone have updated script for Foreground Bypass? <---- I made this in the wrong forum Q.Q sorry I dunno how to delete thread Q.Q
  14. This is for the people that have been asking about the flush socket addys, etc. the addys are: const unsigned int MSLockAddy = 0x0040ECE0; const unsigned int MSUnlockAddy = 0x00403D40; const unsigned int innoHashAddy = 0x01F75C50; const unsigned int FlushSocketAddy = 0x00A41E60; const unsigned int MakeBufferListAddy = 0x0113D790; const unsigned int CClientSocketPtr = 0x029D4174; const unsigned int GameVersion = 178; now due to CClientSocket structure changing, go ahead and add void* like so, or simply add a padding of 4 to it: thanks to @Crypt707 for testing extra addys: courtesy of @XShade: [7892] SendPacket 00A42970 [7892] COutPacket 0113D590 [7892] Initialize 0113D320 [7892] Encode1 0086B3B0 [7892] Encode2 0086B400 [7892] Encode4 00860F90 [7892] Encode8 0091F8D0 [7892] EncodeString 0088A060 [7892] EncodeBuffer 0097F250 [7892] ProcessPacket 00000000 [7892] ProcessPacket 00A43FA0 [7892] Decode1 0042FC50 [7892] Decode2 0042FD00 [7892] Decode4 0042FDB0 [7892] Decode8 0091E910 [7892] DecodeString 00889FB0 [7892] DecodeBuffer 0042FE60 [7892] CClientSocketPtr 029D4174 [7892] MSLock 0040ECE0 [7892] MSUnlock 00403D40 [7892] innoHash 01F75C50 [7892] FlushSocket 00A41E60 [7892] MakeBufferList 0113D790 @maplefreak200 i believe you were asking for these
  15. 3700 - Blaster Basics 37001000 - Magnum Punch 37001001 - Revolving Cannon 37001002 - Bunker Buster Explosion 37001003 - Double Jump 37001004 - Detonate 37000005 - Detonate 37000006 - Blast Shield 37000007 - Revolving Cannon Mastery 37000008 - Bunker Buster Explosion 37000009 - Revolving Cannon 37000010 - Reload 37000011 - Bunker Buster Explosion 37000012 - Bunker Buster Explosion 37000013 - Bunker Buster Explosion 3710 - Blaster Skills 37101000 - Double Blast 37101001 - Bobbing 37100002 - Bobbing 37101003 - Arm Cannon Boost 37100004 - Arm Cannon Mastery 37100005 - Physical Training 37100006 - Charge Mastery 37100007 - Revolving Cannon Plus 37100008 - Revolving Cannon 37100009 - Bunker Buster Explosion 3711 - Advanced Blaster Skills 37111000 - Hammer Smash 37110001 - Hammer Smash 37110002 - Hammer Smash 37111003 - Weaving 37110004 - Weaving 37111005 - Rocket Rush 37110006 - Magnum Launch 37110007 - Revolving Cannon Plus II 37110008 - Shield Training 37110009 - Combo Training 37110010 - Bunker Buster Explosion 37110011 - Rocket Rush 3712 - Blaster Completion 37121000 - Shotgun Punch 37120001 - Shotgun Punch 37120002 - Muzzle Flash 37121003 - Ballistic Hurricane 37121004 - Revolving Blast 37121005 - Vitality Shield 37121006 - Maple Warrior 37121007 - Hero's Will 37120008 - Revolving Cannon Plus III 37120009 - Shield Training II 37120010 - Gauntlet Expert 37120011 - Advanced Charge Mastery 37120012 - Combo Training II 37120013 - Bunker Buster Explosion 37120014 - Revolving Blast 37120015 - Revolving Blast 37120016 - Revolving Blast 37120017 - Revolving Blast 37120018 - Revolving Blast 37120019 - Revolving Blast 37120022 - Ballistic Hurricane 37120023 - Revolving Blast 37120024 - Ballistic Hurricane 37120043 - Power Punch 37120044 - Piercing Punch 37120045 - Aftershock Punch 37120046 - Improved Bunker Explosion 37120047 - Improved Bunker Shockwave 37120048 - Bunker Explosion Guard Bonus 37120049 - Blast Shield Recovery 37120050 - Speedy Vitality Shield 37120051 - Speedy Ballistic Hurricane 37121052 - Hyper Magnum Punch 37121053 - For Liberty 37121054 - Cannon Overdrive 37120055 - Hyper Magnum Punch 37120056 - Hyper Magnum Punch 37120057 - Hyper Magnum Punch 37120058 - Hyper Magnum Punch 37120059 - Hyper Magnum Punch Most of them works with GND and no Delay Few with FMA (hint FMA, GND, NoDelay : Ballistic Hurricane, Magnum Launch) Find the right Settings and win! All (F) skill work with FMA btw, cheers.
  16. Uhh so straight to the point; it's outdated as fuck. If you use HaRepacker you should probably know this/already know. I use HaRepacker to mainly to extract ids and other stuff for various purposes An example of this problem is when you try to extract "check.img" in "Quest.wz" which contains the quest ids and the NPCs associated with each quest. If you check quest.wz you'd realise that the some quest ids have gone over 65535 (FF FF), I'm guessing the creator of Harepacker never anticipated quests surpassing FF FF (2 bytes). But now that there are quests that go could go up to 4 bytes there is an issue. If you try to extract quest ids and probably other things as well you'll notice 2 errors: 1. The extraction stops when the Id reaches 65535 2. HaRepacker crashes due to new animations aka Ursus So yeah HaRepacker is pretty broken atm. Uhhh if someone could make a better wz extractor that would be great pls i want 2 find exploits :((((