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Found 30 results

  1. Hello work, my name is Riremito(リレミト) or AIRRIDE. I am living in Japan and I have been playing maplestory for 9 years i started hacking maplestory from 2011, and got IP/HWID banned many times, so I am learning how to bypass ban now Likes: , finding exploits, making bypasses, WRYYY, creating hacks, releasing other person's private hacks Dislikes:those who report me from right click menu
  2. tmdvlf40@naver.com

    Introduction hello , friends

    i'm korean nice to meet you good choice ! come to here i want to file daily 300 mob limit --> packet complete one click!
  3. Christine<3

    Introduction Hello<3

    Hi<3 I´m Christine Spain (so, apologize me if my english is sucks) I have been playing MS for 9 years, but in 2013 to 2015 i was stoped playing because I had a much work. Now I want lern to do scripts and stuff, so be patient with me. Love you guys <3
  4. demonnator

    Introduction Hey!

    Just registered! Nice to meet you!
  5. Heyy, new around these places. My name is Matt, from Europe. Hope I enjoy my time here and hope I can be useful and helpful if I can XD. If u want a partner on EU server Maple send me a message, or on LoL EuNe. Peace!
  6. Finnaly, the only one: https://discord.gg/j4Zt8hn ALL JOIN TO HAVE FUN and hack
  7. Heyooooo !? My name is Mitko and i'm 20 years old and i live in Bulgaria. Let's start with that i am an old ems player and is my favourite game since i was a kid. I'm studying Applied Mathematics and Informatics in TU first course. Nowadays you can see me playing maplestory ( with/out) hacks. Sorry for the late introduction buuuuut you know what people say better late than never .
  8. Hallo i'm Pam but you can call me Pam for short. I used to be around the Maplestory hacking scene a long time ago but I was never in any communities mainly just because people spook me. I don't do anything major, I just mess with packets and find exploits, of course I doubt i'll be posting any profitable exploits but I wouldn't mind sharing some fun packets i come across. But yes hi i'm Pam.
  9. hi im tom a c# and asm programmer im here to help if i can and hope im accepted into the community
  10. Some people might still know me from that other forum plz, permed there so yeah Can I get some :wut:'s pleaseeee nigs?
  11. hippo


    Hi guys, my name is hippo, im from germany (best beer in the world! :D) and i'm 23 years old. Currently im studying biologie and chemistry (you dont need to know anything about chemistry to cook meth :P). I started playing maplestory back in v.55 (miss the good old days ). I hope we can have a good time together
  12. hey, my name is chimera. im living in united kingdom, and im 23 years old likes: trolling/hacking on maplestory/gaming/ and dislikes: nexon
  13. YaBishSince93PowerPT

    Introduction OhMaGaad I'm here.

    Hello everyone i've been playing MapleStory since GMS when Ludi just came out, i guess thats a long time ago... Im back on EMS after a few years of rest and im ready to kick booty. I'm David , 22 and from Portugal, I'm a photography student on my last year (YES!) I like to hangout with friends and etc'etc'etc like everyone else, i like my weed and i'm agaisnt tabacoo with strong believes, i also adore alcohool and that's that. Good Forum you built here =) ps: my english might not be my strongest thing
  14. Name:RobertAge:22Favourite Subject:Non-technological societal or psychological change. As a marketing student I study the art of reading people for commercial gain. I love learning more about people, the way they behave, how they react to certain events, why they act the way they do.I could broaden this by stating that I also love history, storytelling, gaming, (team-)sports, and entrepreneurship (and anything involving working out your own projects, teamwork, etc).Moderating requires time and dedication. How long do you think you can put towards moderating each week?I think I spend on average about an hour a day on Moopler, some days more, some days less. I would moderate during that time that I am active. I also check the forum multiple times a day out of habit, if there's anything that needs to be done, I would be able to notice it pretty soon.Do you feel like you'll be able to continue in the months ahead?I have been a member for nearly as long as the forum exists. Even though my interest in maplestory is not consistent, I still like hanging out on the forum, as there's more to Moopler than just Maplestory hacks. I will give you a solid yes to this question.If you could change one thing about Moopler, what would it be?One thing? I am always buzzing with ideas and thoughts and have a hard time of prioritizing one thing over the rest. I would say: give appreciation where appreciation is due. Include/add game-elements to the forum which stimulate posting quality content and contribute to the forum and community as a whole.Why do you wish to be a moderator, and why do you think we should pick you?I will start with the basics about me:I am a marketing student currently entering my last year for my Bachelor degree. Everything in my major is done in projects and project groups. This is a trend that continues on the workfloor. I currently work as a jr. marketeer at a publisher in the Netherlands. Here too, working in teams is a common occurence. Working with people and for people has taught me valuable people and conversational skills. I know how it is to adapt yourself to the wishes of someone else, or how it is to properly explain your own wishes to someone who has to carry them out. The feedback I get from everyone I have worked with is that I am a pleasant conversationalist, I work hard and I have a mindset that is strong enough to withstand misfortune, general negativity, and opposition. I take pleasure in helping people out and I love to be able to properly give appreciation where appreciation is due.Now to continue with the forum-specific reasoning: I have been an active member with a strong opinion and I am not afraid to voice that opinion. While I do believe that the strength of a forum lies with its memberbase, it is the staff that has the power to make a change. If I keep shying away from taking responsibilities while I continue providing the staff and forum with feedback and criticism, I should at one point learn that I might not be where I should be. I wish to be a moderator to have a better grasp on making improvements to the forum. I don't want to change Moopler, I want to improve us, as a community. A moderator does not just enforce rules, but does also act as a community member with more responsibility. That said, a moderator is at its best if they do not just act behind the curtains. Sometimes the best way to prevent an escalation of events is to engage in a conversation to hear what is wrong and act upon that. I love conversing with people and understanding their motives. This will help me solve existing problems between users or prevent them from escalating, instead of just postponing their quarrel until they are either not banned anymore or feel safe to continue.Why would you pick me? (aka: tl;dr) I have been at Moopler for nearly 5 days.I am prepared to be an active member for the foreseeable future.I have Moopler' best interests at heart. (Which I have shown multiple times)I do not differentiate between people who I am friendly with and people who I am not friendly with.I am respectful at all times and speak fluent English. I try to solve problems by engaging in conversation. If that does not work I will enforce the rules with the means that are given to me.I have experience in working in teams and with people who depend on me (and with people I depend on).I have my own opinions and am not afraid to voice them.I value respect and mutual agreement.
  15. Hi my name is Jonathan. just making this introduction cuz everyone was doing it , well everyone know me cuz i made noobiebot(years ago) Im not programmer/coder i just learn it to make a MS bot if you have any question, leave it here i will answer when i have time My eng sux sorry
  16. Hi, name is takumi/kevin, friends call me taku. im living with 2 friends in russia. you maybe know me from the spam in shoutbox. ended up here at moopler after kent decided to ban be from ccplz. Likes: programming/trolling/peru Dislikes: goomba/aasdf/nexon :wut:
  17. xScriptZx

    Nitus here!

    Saw a PM from my nigga saying that he is releasing his new moopler site and of course, I decided to come as fast as I saw his message Happy to see your new project running Razz and I wish you the best luck with this site. Also, I will contribute as much as I can with you. See you around
  18. Hello my fellow yellow Mooplers, my name is Swanniie (Swanny) and I hail from Great Britannia. I am 22-Years old and you've problably seen me semi-active around on that 'other' EMS forum. inb4 lifestory I have been playing MapleStory for fookin' years. Since I was about 13 or something like that. It all started back on GMS after the Beta period... I loved the game so much I would come home everyday just to play it until sleep. I was addicted. I played GMS for many many years, and eventually I managed to get level 200 on my main character (which was pretty hard back then) playing legit. I spent a damn lot of money on NX back in those days and I really do regret it but oh well. Few months after gearing my character really well, I got hacked by those Chinese Meso Farmers. I am 100% sure they hacked me although I'm 0% sure how. I did buy meso off those sites a few times but that's it. Anyway so I lost all my shit, yet they still kept all the characters and everything, just took anything worth of value. So I do still have that same account today... level 200. ANYWAY so then I obviously quit but came back a few months later and although I always knew there were some epic hacks for maple, I never really looked into it. So now was the time, I decided to join W8baby (now known as gamersoul) and start my hacking(lolitsnotreallyhacking) career. Eventually I decided to join EMS and play 'legit' but soon after I joined that other EMS forum. So few more years later and now we're here basically. I still do play 'legit' because I enjoy the game but I hack on the side to make it less p2w. My actual knowledge of hacking and scripting could be considered pretty low compared to a lot of other people around here, but I do learn things very fast. I am also willing to work in a team with anyone to accomplish something (mission fuck nexon up). Don't know why I typed so much but yeah, fuck it. TL;DR - smd and hey guys.
  19. Hello, My name is Salah, I'm from UAE/Dubai, I started exploiting and hacking maplestory long time ago (CEF/SNS/MPC) times and then i quit for studies, It's been 6 years since i quit, I used to exploit with my friend Exidis(Some might know him). I just came back to maplestory before a month and started exploiting again. Likes : Exploiting/ANALyzing MapleStory//Pissing off Melv/Chocolate/Chiptune Music(8bit). Dislikes : Nothing.