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Found 11 results

  1. Hey guys, I just made a rough dark mode script for tampermonkey (chrome extension) for this website: Image: Here's the TamperMonkey Code (Well aware that I put '!important' everywhere in the css, don't judge me): Just something I wanted to use & share in case anyone wanted other options. Enjoy EDIT (10/17/18): Updated code for edge cases, there might still be some edge cases that I haven't discovered yet. Please let me know if you find one!
  2. Taku

    Other Debugging Challenge

    You break on access at some unknown location in memory, and the resulting hit is an instruction that doesn't access that location. Explain what might've happened.
  3. one - a: The overlaying obfuscation is fairly easy to remove. Curious to see how well others do. This of course is much like Themida's techniques. Most automatic disassemblers like IDA and most public deobfuscators / libs / tools / misc out there seem to get optimizations wrong, miss the point of it completely, or are limited to handling certain registers only (reg32 seems to be typically the only supported). I find approaching from an algebraic point of view is very handy. Simply creating downward blocks of equations until you reach stable data movement instructions. After solving, I continue to repeating my optimizations of blocking, solving downward, and filtering until I'm left with fairly readable equations that can easily be converted back into assembly. example: ↓push ebx -> ↓esp = esp - 0x4; -> ↓esp = esp - 0x4; -> ↓push eax ↓mov dword ptr ss : [esp], edi ↓dword ptr *esp = ebx; ↓dword ptr *esp = eax; ↓mov dword ptr ss : [esp], eax ↓dword ptr *esp = edi; ↓dword ptr *esp = eax; (hint: boolean algebra helps) There are many possible ways to phrase the solution. try to be as minimal as possible. It shouldn't be much. I can post a video explaining how to walk through and simplify through an algebraic view point if anyone is interested. Don't really feel like doing all of the spoonfeeding just yet. https://gist.github.com/evodz/e68257b2a405e8337695ea7e8142ecdb reminders: push reg esp = esp - 0x4; dword ptr *esp = reg; pop reg esp = esp + 0x4; reg = dword ptr *esp; mov reg, data reg= esp + 0x4; source = (dword ptr *reg) - data; dword ptr *reg = source; mov reg2, reg1 esp = esp - 0x4; dword ptr *esp = reg1; esp = esp + 0x4; reg2 = dword ptr *esp; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If anyone else has small challenges like such above feel free to post here as well.
  4. Conquest

    Other IDA 7.0

    https://mega.nz/#F!1hwHCRAQ!1FVT5NtXrnKTOdG-soDrRg - IDA 7.0 Cant provide Virus Scan For such a large file.
  5. NewSprux2.0?

    Other Moopler Discord

    Since there's no official Moopler discord, I've taken the liberty to make one. Invite link is: https://discord.gg/kJ6v57A
  6. Happy birthday @hippo!
  7. ibrahim66

    Other DC

    Anyone can help me idk how the Bypass exactly works i did the dinput8.dll in maple folder and wanted start hacking butt when i enter maple... activate a hack... and enter a portal i instand DC butt when i just stay in the same map and don't change portal i don't dc ;( what im doing wrong? ;(
  8. roilevi79366

    Other skill injection

    cAN ANYONE UPDATE IT CORECTELY? //179.1define(h1,01D1F7E8)//0F 84 ?? ?? ?? ?? 2B 9E ?? ?? ?? ?? 0F 88 ?? ?? ?? ?? A1 ?? ?? ?? ?? 85 C0define(h2,01D1F7F4)//js belowdefine(h3,01D1F853)//0F 84 ?? ?? ?? ?? 8B 16 8B 42 ?? 8B CE FF D0 3D ?? ?? ?? ?? 74 ?? 3D ?? ?? ?? ?? 74 ?? 3D ?? ?? ?? ?? 74 ?? 3D ?? ?? ?? ?? 74 ?? 3D ?? ?? ?? ?? 75 ?? 8D 4C 24 ?? 51define(h4,01D1F973)//8B ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? 8B 44 24 ?? 6A ?? 6A ?? 6A ?? 6A ?? 8D 4C 24 ?? 51 (update disable)define(h5,01D1F9E5)//0F 87 ?? ?? ?? ?? 0F B6 ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? FF 24 ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? 84 DB 74 ?? 8B 8E ?? ?? ?? ?? 85 C9define(h6,01D1F9F2)//jmp dword ptr below h5define(h7,01D1FA28)//first je from h5, address of je jump to[Enable]alloc(skill_id_hook,128)label(skill_id_return)alloc(delay,4)define(skill_id, #Skill_ID_is_needed) //Skill ID goes here/*12120011 (Blazing Extinction 4th job) Blaze Wizard Skill12100029 (Ignition) Blaze Wizard12121002 (Towering Inferno) Blaze Wizard25100010 (Fox Spirits 2nd job) Shade Skill61101100 (Impact Wave 2nd job) Kaiser25100002 (Ground Pound (shockwave) 2nd job) Shade Skill25110003 (Shockwave Punch (shockwave) 3rd job) Shade Skill35121052 (Distortion Bomb, mechanic) turn down delay142120030 (kinesis Mental Tempest Hyper Skill)4321006 (Flying Assaulter - jump to activate) Dual Blade4331000 (Bloody Storm) Dual Blade4331006 (Chains of Hell) Dual Blade24111006 (Rapier Wit Dash & Damage) phantom36110005 (Triangulation, works with FMA) Xenon112001006 (Majestic Trumpet, works with FMA) Beast Tamer31201010 (Demon Strike, auto-exceed)101000101 (Air Riot) Zero: Beta101000201 (Shadow Strike) Zero: Alpha101001100 (Shadow Strike) Zero - both#37110006#37120022#12121055 dragon blaze*/delay:dw 0h1:db 90 90 90 90 90 90h2:db 90 90 90 90 90 90h3:db 90 E9h4:jmp skill_id_hooknopskill_id_return:skill_id_hook:inc [delay]cmp dword ptr [delay], #Delay_is_needed // Set your delay (optional till you don't d/c)jne skill_id_returnmov [delay], 0mov edx,skill_idjmp skill_id_returnh5:db 90 90 90 90 90 90h6: //address at jmp dword ptr following the address abovejmp h7dw 9090[Disable]h1:db 0F 84 86 03 00 00h2:db 0F 88 9B 03 00 00h3:db 0F 84 CC 00 00 00h4:mov edx,[esi+0001231C]h5:db 0F 87 7F 01 00 00h6:jmp dword ptr [ecx*4+01D1FB7C]dealloc(skill_id_hook) THX closed
  9. imbound

    Other Pianus spawning for 178.4

    Can anyone update this script, i'm willing to pay
  10. If anyone has a script that enables me to skip cutscenes and would be kind enough to shoot me one it'll be highly appreciated
  11. The four V118.2 Scripts I know are as follows, all from shoutbox and with their creator: 1. FMA Blaze wiz orbital flame - from @DAVHEED Tested works on 6/Aug/2016 http://puu.sh/qqNO4/a715515ad9.txt 2. Auto Attack and No mob No attack - from @DAVHEED , tested "need at least Lv82 to summon"......I will go back to check when my blaze wiz lvl up to 82 http://puu.sh/qrTrc/ec40ca21a8.txt 3.Pet telepot - Originally from @Newsprux2.0 , modified by @DAVHEED, tested works on 6/Aug/2016 http://puu.sh/qrHBa/dcb028adb7.txt 4. Unlimited Attack, from @DAVHEED Tested works on 7/Aug/2016 http://puu.sh/qrM5Y/e6213f897e.txt I want to acknowledge Newsprux2.0 for her wonderful bypass for V118.2, DAVHEED for his terrific scripts and other users that made the detailed tutorial for us newers. Without them, the game will be very boring for many people and the codes will be so hard for many to understand. Hope more scripts on EMS V118.2 could be shared here. Thanks in advance.