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Found 167 results

  1. Where is "Rune Power" Skill in Skill.wz ?
  2. Have you removed the rune code from the WZ file?
  3. I need help where to look on CE as the title describe some maps are not allow to cast skills or open other windows I know that if I bypass, it maybe clientside , and I may dc, etc, etc. I just need a hint I look into the entire opcode packet for map related switching 01 to 00 or 00 to 01 hoping to enable or disable this restriction almost simular to what this guy ask on ragezone. http://forum.ragezone.com/f566/jump-quest-event-map-skill-979172/ please help
  4. Going off of the script from the script database from v192.2: [ENABLE] alloc(CMob__GetPos_Hook,128) CMob__GetPos_Hook: mov eax,[02D82708] // CUserLocal: 8B 3D ? ? ? ? 8B CF F3 lea ecx,[eax+04] mov eax,[ecx] jmp [eax+14] 01421180: // CMob::GetPos jmp CMob__GetPos_Hook [DISABLE] 01421180: // 55 8B ? 56 57 8D ? ? ? ? ? 8D [13th Result] push ebp mov ebp,esp push esi push edi dealloc(CMob__GetPos_Hook) I understand what's going on here, the script changes the CMob::GetPos function to always return the player's coordinates and so the items spawn at the player's feet. I'm not 100% sure on how it works written like this though. Move the pointer to CUserLocal in to the EAX register(?) Load value from address(?) at CUserLocal + 4 in to the ECX register? What value is this? Overwrite the value in EAX register, so that ECX and EAX contain the same thing at this point? I don't know what's at EAX + 14, am I just missing knowledge about the CUserLocal structure? Main question: I can't seem to find the function CMob::GetPos. Obviously the AoB is there, but there are 25 results, all of which just crash me or do nothing. Has Semi Item Vac been patched, or am I missing something? AoB changed? This script isn't from that long ago. I can't seem to find any other public scripts that make use of CMob::GetPos, at least none that have it commented as such. Thanks in advance for any help!
  5. 006B "XXXXXX" 000CFBAB 00 "" "000000000000_00000000" Anyone know what the bolded area is and how it's created?
  6. nishizhu11

    Question kms ngs crc

    I want to buy Korean maplestory SCRIPTS money is not a problem Or bypss mscrc ngs$$$$ Thanks email:sunggyae@korea.com
  7. Anyone know how to get rid of the body pressure hit effect on mobs? In the wz, it's called incapacitate and it prevents you from being touched by the mob..need to get rid of it so I can continue to do damage without a 3 second delay.
  8. CMopPool (8B 0D ? ? ? ? 8D 85 ? FF FF FF 6A 00 6A 00): Mob Count CUserPool (8B 0D ? ? ? ? 89 45 ? 85 C0 0F 84): People Count MobCount, PeopleCount offset I want to know.
  9. Hi, I'm completely new to this. I want to know how to update CE scripts for GMS v.180.2 Some of the scripts that are already released on this website are not working on this particular private server. How do I go about updating these? How do I get SI + GND to work? If someone can help me or just give me some working scripts for this server, it would be great.
  10. Roopie

    Question AriesMS - Year 2020 Ban

    Does anyone know what the Year 2020 ban is in AriesMS? Is it a manual ban by an admin? Has anyone gotten it?
  11. db4206910

    Question general programming question

    should i learn one of the c launguages before i start learning assembly. i mean i update almost any script but i feel like im missing a fundamental piece to this puzzle,when it comes to debugging i just dont know what to look for. if any other launguages are easier to learn and just as useful would appreciate input. also am mostly learning for moopler story
  12. how do i make hacks bypasses, exploits from scratch? or anything that give me advantage in game?
  13. l_a_c_k

    Question How to remove background

    I'm making lie detector. Anyone know how to remove backround dummy? ( dirty img )
  14. aldks123

    Question How to bypass FMA D/C?

    How to bypass FMA D/C?
  15. Please teach me about the value search [ Blink mod or God Mode & No MP Con ] [[[[ Cheat for Cheat Engine ]]]]
  16. aldks123

    Question kinesis

    Hello I talk about Korea Maple story. Kinesis Drain and Grap if we use FMA it, CS attack, so not die monster. how to bypass?
  17. sharkz

    Question reactor morph v188

    Hi! does some1 have reactor morph for v188?
  18. wshh

    Question Arcane Packet Exploit

    Like the old script that is now outdated it would drop 10 mesos as a temporary packet, I dont neccessarly need a packet editor or even a packet sender I pretty much just need these 3 packets sent to max out my arcane and that's pretty much it if anyone can come up with a script that basically can send these 3 packets first slot arcane symbol 29 01 00 00 00 00 C0 F9 FF FF C0 F9 FF FF second slot arcane symbol 29 01 00 00 00 00 BF F9 FF FF BF F9 FF FF third slot arcane symbol 29 01 00 00 00 00 BE F9 FF FF BE F9 FF FF I'd be willing to pay thanks alot!
  19. I could really use your guy's help! I am looking for one of these, I was told this is what I need to multiclient Maplestory, I would be really happy to get one of these bypasses! thanks!
  20. Hey, I recently started reading up on memory hacking and I am wondering how do people find the AoB for the scripts such as Godmode for example. Sorry for being oblivious but I can't seem to find any resources on finding AoB. Could anyone help me in this or point me in a direction as I am trying to create CE scripts for MSEA and require to find the AoBs.
  21. huhuni

    Question KMS CRC script

    KMS CRC SCript 279 [ENABLE] define(MemStart,00400000) define(MemFinish,02f71000) //My globalalloc(DumpM,50000000) globalalloc(CRC1,1000) globalalloc(CRC2,1000) globalalloc(CRC3,2000) globalalloc(CRC4,1000) globalalloc(CRC5,1000) globalalloc(CRC6,1000) label(original1) label(original2) label(original3) label(original4) label(original5) label(original6) label(return1) label(return2) label(return3) label(return4) label(return5) label(return6) Loadbinary(DumpM,asd.CEM) 004D21C0: jmp CRC1 return1: CRC1: cmp ebx,MemStart jb original1 cmp ebx,MemFinish ja original1 sub ebx,MemStart add ebx,DumpM original1: movzx eax,byte ptr [ebx] mov ecx,esi jmp return1 0046ADE4: //53 8B D9 56 57 89 ? ? 8D ? ? 8B jmp CRC2 return2: CRC2: cmp ebx,DumpM jb original2 cmp ebx,DumpM+02C7C000 ja original2 add ebx,00400000 sub ebx,DumpM original2: push ebx mov ebx,ecx push esi push edi jmp return2 026a5141://CRC1 Find out what accesses this address jmp CRC3 return3: CRC3: cmp edx,MemStart jb original3 cmp edx,MemFinish ja original3 sub edx,MemStart add edx,DumpM original3: mov dl,[edx] movzx ecx,dl jmp return3 0089CF4E: //? ? ? ? ? 52 8B 4D F0 83 C1 jmp CRC4 return4: CRC4: cmp eax,MemStart jb original4 cmp eax,MemFinish ja original4 sub eax,MemStart add eax,DumpM original4: movzx ecx,byte ptr [eax] xor edx,ecx jmp return4 01D6AEED: //C1 ? 02 F3 A5 83 ? 03 FF 24 ? ? ? ? ? FF 24 ? ? ? ? ? 90 [2rd] jmp CRC5 return5: CRC5: cmp esi,MemStart jb original5 cmp esi,MemFinish ja original5 sub esi,MemStart add esi,DumpM original5: shr ecx,02 repe movsd jmp return5 01D6ACE4: //? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 73 09 F3 A4 8B 44 24 0C [2rd] jmp CRC6 db 90 90 90 return6: CRC6: cmp esi,MemStart jb original6 cmp esi,MemFinish ja original6 sub esi,MemStart add esi,DumpM original6: bt [024D14E4],01 jmp return6 [DISABLE] kms updated 280. CRC1 code is seperated two code 00609E2F (call 005F8C70) 00609E95 (call 0050D0E0) And CRC3 is eleminated. how to update crc1 code ? help me guys
  22. Ra'sAlGhul

    Question Kami script

    Hi guys, it's possible to update kami script or are patched?
  23. aldks123

    Question Rune help

    Hello KMS Rune keys functions is virtualizationed. So, I can't get current rune key arrows. please, find getting current rune key arrows.
  24. Souls

    Question IPRedirect ! C# ?

    as most of you know after v183.4 the gamelauncher method is dead and there isn't any left, it is quite impossible to launch a client without connecting to their web server, while you can use webstart but the client fails to connect, thus the server is useless the last known version is v183.4 which we can use legitlisa redirector. she is gone only two known private server has successfully able to skip the login screen and able go straight to the webstart, I cant seem to look into their client cause it is obfuscated. would there be a kind person around here to provide me a way to get over this issue, I doubt the login function is removed it is still in the client but it is unable to be access due to gamelauncher function being removed it requires some asm patching for that and given the client is packed. ? ._. 1) IPRedirect is patched (?) 2) there is no way to get to the login screen or channel server without using nexon webstart 3) is there a way to start the client without logging into nexon webstart possible get the gamelauncher function working again ? but it requires asm and compare with 183.4 with the current version and possible to get it working for function version.
  25. Mehodin

    Question B>999 att equips on luna

    Title speaks for itselfs. if you have any, hit me up