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Found 183 results

  1. ZoroL0ver2

    Question Structured Sniffing Logger

    I was wonder exactly how you would get structured packet logs when you sniff. I've read you need to hook the client decode/encode functions to return the accurate data type so you know when types are 64, 32, 16, 8 or a string. Would you need the address for the encode/decode 1,2,4,8 etc? I'm trying to update MapleShark to return accurate packet structures. Ex. From what I've found, Dami's Packet Editor and Terminal's PE are able to achieve this. If someone could shine some light on how exactly I would go on about doing this or any useful information. That would be awesome. Thanks.
  2. kino0924

    Question Two different teleport function

    Hello everyone, I have been digging into Kami script lately and found two different teleport functions. Kami1 v202.4 Hook_0291DA10: // ???? mov esi,[03697E84] // CUserLocal: 8B 3D ?? ?? ?? ?? 8B CF F3 lea ecx,[esi+04] mov eax,[esi+04] mov eax,[eax+20] call eax test eax,eax je Teleport_End add eax,10 push [MobY] push [MobX] push eax call 028F66E0 // ???? Teleport_End: // Original Code push ebp mov ebp, esp sub esp, 10 JMP 0291DA10+6 // Return to Original Kami2 v202.4 Hook_012B3BBE: // ???? mov esi,[03697E84] // CUserLocal: 8B 3D ?? ?? ?? ?? 8B CF F3 lea ecx,[esi+04] mov eax,[esi+04] mov eax,[eax+20] call eax test eax,eax je Teleport_End push [MobY] push [MobX] push 00 mov ecx,eax call 00D0BA30 // 55 8B EC ? ? 10 ? FF ? 10 8D ? 10 FF ? 0C 56 FF 50 40 85 C0 79 0C 68 ? ? ? ? ? ? E8 ? ? ? ? 5E [first] JMP 012B3BBE+5 // Return to Original Teleport_End: ret Can someone tell me what is the main difference between two implementation? Kami2 is the one that I found from latest public script. I dont remember where I got the Kami1 but surely both of hook teleports character into desired coordinate. Thank you so much for reading this
  3. gamezya

    Question JMS NGS Bypass

    Excuse me. I have a favor to ask you. I want JMS NGS bypass, And i can pay money. Can I get it? Thank you. Email:stfeotz7358120@gmail.com Discord:hagisiri#8511
  4. Roopie

    Question GMS v200.3 Item Filter AOB

    Hey, does anyone know the AOB for Item Filter script for GMS v200.3?
  5. Roopie

    Question Auto Terminate Script

    Hi, what do I change on this script to allow up to a number of players or certain IGN's? [v198.2 GMS] Auto Terminate
  6. BonSalsa

    Question Adding delay to script

    I'm having a bit of trouble adding a delay to my ghetto kami script Script Script with delay For some reason the one with the delay will d/c after teleporting a few times. Any ideas?
  7. MapleStory doesnt seem to use PtInRect to store the item x,y upon pressing the loot key anymore. any other way to get item x,y i need for my kami loot
  8. BonSalsa

    Question Getting mob ID

    I'm am wondering if there is any way to grab the unique mob ID's for each mod in the map. I need them for packets but can't get them with any of the available public things and lack the knowledge to create anything myself.
  9. MaTriiXzZ

    Question Opcode Encryption

    Just returned to maple and found out they started encrypting their opcodes, I found some information on how to decrypt the 0x28 packet with TripleDES using the character ID and machine ID as a key but that no longer works. Does anyone know if they changed their encryption method or how to obtain the key to decrypt the 0x28 packet?
  10. Can someone help me out? I get error when trying to assign these scripts to Cheat Table: GMS 198.2 Skill Injection GMS 198.2 Auto Attack
  11. There are Pet Loot and item semi vac etc, but please tell me about the item type hack which can be used now. If you can, you should use pets. Would you please put a script if possible? Thank you.
  12. Hello everyone. I am dying hard to find MSCRC bypass for KMS but currently out of luck. The approach that I made was first understand how other MS gets bypassed, (GMS, MSEA) and apply same technique into KMS I first approached with GMS MSCRC bypass technique. The way it uses is that xor al, al and ret I found same function in KMS client but doesnt do too much of its job. I changed this function just like how GMS was applied, but I still get DCed Since this function is not getting called, even resetting al reg and ret doesnt do anything much Second approach was looking into MESA MSCRC bypass My understanding of this bypass is that creates copy of code section and use it as calculating CRC I looked into the script and realize that CRC code is located outside of code section. This made me little difficult to analyze with IDA but was not big of deal. I found pretty same code in KMS client as well but again... its not getting called This screenshot is comparison of MESA and KMS. Both code located outside of code section but when I make bp on KMS, it never gets triggered. If anyone can help me with bypassing MSCRC in KMS, I would be very appreciated. I don't mind donating some lesson fee if it is required. I just want to win this long battle with KMS and understand how it actually work. Thank you so much for reading this post. I am not sure how other MS reacts on MSCRC but in KMS, I get dc and kicked out to login screen when I change channel or map even with 1byte of change in code section. Also, I get random dc when I use skill or do other stuff even without changing channel
  13. poweradio115

    Question Check current game money value

    Can someone tell me the memory address?
  14. SunCat

    Question How to create/update vtables

    Hey guys, I've been spending the last few months trying to improve my reversing/hacking and want to keep learning. A while back I found the firefly source and it's been a really useful resource to have. It made me want to learn how to use vtables and I've managed to use the ones from firefly with some level of success, but I'm not sure how to go about updating the ones that are outdated or creating my own. My real question is, how do you find the full structure of the maple classes?
  15. kuo0819

    Question About TWMS Inject Packet

    //TwMS 207.1_API_CALL [Enable] GlobalAlloc(DeCode,4) Alloc(Decryption,256) Alloc(Buffer, 40) GlobalAlloc(OutPacket, 40) DeCode: DD 00 Buffer: DB 0A 00 00 00 Decryption: cmp [DeCode],01 jne timeGetTime mov [DeCode],0 pushad push 0146 lea ecx,[OutPacket] //把 46 01 丟進去OutPacket的建構式 call 00714910 //Call CoutPacket:CoutPacket call 021C69A0 //call update_time push eax lea ecx,[OutPacket] //把時間戳丟進建構式 call 00500F30 //call Encode4 push #04 //size lea edx,[Buffer] //複製 封包馬進去edx push edx lea ecx,[OutPacket] //把size丟進建構式 Call 00715920 //Call EncodeBuffer mov ecx, [036BD760] // clientSocketPtr lea eax,[OutPacket] //把建構式 丟進eax push eax call 00D0E3D0 //call sendpacket popad jmp timeGetTime 02FFF4EC: DD Decryption [disable] 02FFF4EC: DD timeGetTime Please Tell me why this Script can CloseGame
  16. Scarlion

    Question How to find skill ids

    Hi, I am trying to find the skill id's for all skills in the game. I have no idea where to start.
  17. Where is "Rune Power" Skill in Skill.wz ?
  18. Have you removed the rune code from the WZ file?
  19. I need help where to look on CE as the title describe some maps are not allow to cast skills or open other windows I know that if I bypass, it maybe clientside , and I may dc, etc, etc. I just need a hint I look into the entire opcode packet for map related switching 01 to 00 or 00 to 01 hoping to enable or disable this restriction almost simular to what this guy ask on ragezone. http://forum.ragezone.com/f566/jump-quest-event-map-skill-979172/ please help
  20. Going off of the script from the script database from v192.2: [ENABLE] alloc(CMob__GetPos_Hook,128) CMob__GetPos_Hook: mov eax,[02D82708] // CUserLocal: 8B 3D ? ? ? ? 8B CF F3 lea ecx,[eax+04] mov eax,[ecx] jmp [eax+14] 01421180: // CMob::GetPos jmp CMob__GetPos_Hook [DISABLE] 01421180: // 55 8B ? 56 57 8D ? ? ? ? ? 8D [13th Result] push ebp mov ebp,esp push esi push edi dealloc(CMob__GetPos_Hook) I understand what's going on here, the script changes the CMob::GetPos function to always return the player's coordinates and so the items spawn at the player's feet. I'm not 100% sure on how it works written like this though. Move the pointer to CUserLocal in to the EAX register(?) Load value from address(?) at CUserLocal + 4 in to the ECX register? What value is this? Overwrite the value in EAX register, so that ECX and EAX contain the same thing at this point? I don't know what's at EAX + 14, am I just missing knowledge about the CUserLocal structure? Main question: I can't seem to find the function CMob::GetPos. Obviously the AoB is there, but there are 25 results, all of which just crash me or do nothing. Has Semi Item Vac been patched, or am I missing something? AoB changed? This script isn't from that long ago. I can't seem to find any other public scripts that make use of CMob::GetPos, at least none that have it commented as such. Thanks in advance for any help!
  21. 006B "XXXXXX" 000CFBAB 00 "" "000000000000_00000000" Anyone know what the bolded area is and how it's created?
  22. nishizhu11

    Question kms ngs crc

    I want to buy Korean maplestory SCRIPTS money is not a problem Or bypss mscrc ngs$$$$ Thanks email:sunggyae@korea.com
  23. Anyone know how to get rid of the body pressure hit effect on mobs? In the wz, it's called incapacitate and it prevents you from being touched by the mob..need to get rid of it so I can continue to do damage without a 3 second delay.
  24. CMopPool (8B 0D ? ? ? ? 8D 85 ? FF FF FF 6A 00 6A 00): Mob Count CUserPool (8B 0D ? ? ? ? 89 45 ? 85 C0 0F 84): People Count MobCount, PeopleCount offset I want to know.
  25. Hi, I'm completely new to this. I want to know how to update CE scripts for GMS v.180.2 Some of the scripts that are already released on this website are not working on this particular private server. How do I go about updating these? How do I get SI + GND to work? If someone can help me or just give me some working scripts for this server, it would be great.