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Found 46 results

  1. smulikom

    Request 176.1 scripts

    hey all, can someone share skill injection&mach GND script for 176.1v tnx
  2. So I'm currently wz editing hack on a v117.1 server, they have a No Damage Cap client but as it run, it'll load the NexonGuard.aes and it will detect then delete the data of the wz edited files, tried Mybads's hacked client but it also load the NexonGuard.aes, and i've tried backup the NexonGuard.aes file, then make a new file and rename it to NexonGuard.aes, but as i run the client, it'll say NexonGuard.aes not designed to run with window, and then i tried rename some d3dx9_xx.dll file to NexonGuard.aes, but as the client run it'll freeze, so the question is: Is there a fake NexonGuard.aes file that can load and not making the client freeze and don't delete the wz edited files ?, or a v117.1 No Damage Cap client that just don't load the NexonGuard.aes. p/s: sorry for my bad English, i attached the No Damage Cap client so some of u guy can modify it to not load NexonGuard.aes, and i attached the NexonGuard.aes too NexonGuard.aes NamLun.rar
  3. Can anyone kind of explain or if its simple enough make an item filter that filters mesos and spell traces? I am not sure how to find the ID of spell traces.
  4. Dora1701

    Request Wh's Jaugar (swipe) dmg hack

    I recently see a wh character, that his jaguar hit 150m . I wanted to ask if someone have that script or can give me a hint on how to find /write it. I'll really appreciate that. Thx.
  5. Hello! Can someone help me update this? //v170 [enable] alloc(time_stamp_hook,128) label(time_stamp_continue) alloc(time_stamp_initialized,4) alloc(time_stamp,4) time_stamp_initialized: dd 00000000 time_stamp: dd 00000000 01CE8568: //011CE113: // No Delay db 05 00 00 00 00 01CE90B0: // Fix timestamp-disconnect call time_stamp_hook time_stamp_hook: cmp [time_stamp_initialized],00000000 jne time_stamp_continue call 01D70280 mov [time_stamp],eax mov [time_stamp_initialized],00000001 time_stamp_continue: add [time_stamp],000003E8 mov eax,[time_stamp] ret [disable] 01CE8568: // 05 E8 03 00 00 89 85 ? ? FF FF db 05 E8 03 00 00 01CE90B0: // 89 85 ? ? FF FF E8 ? ? ? 00 89 45 ? C7 85 call 01D70280 dealloc(time_stamp) dealloc(time_stamp_initialized) dealloc(time_stamp_hook) I tried updating in the last patch, but somehow I did it wrong since it just DCed upon activation. I think maybe one of the time stamps need to be changed. Not really sure. =/ If anyone can help I'd be very appreciative! Have a nice day.
  6. Gabe02

    Request Drop EQP Inventory script

    Is there any script that drops all my inventory eqps/use? I need to drop the useless shit we get from santa boxes '-' Thanks people!
  7. TricksterJoe

    Request A Timer freeze/reset?

    Well as we all know jumping down in a timed map used to reset the timer, although doing so right now it doesn't work. is there any alternative to that? any way to freeze/reset the map timer as we wish?
  8. ZemonCru

    Request DELETED

  9. Conquest

    Request Latest GMS login server IP

    Current GMS Login Server IP please.
  10. Hi guys, Now that BE FMA has been patched and using semi item vac hasn't fixed it, is it possible to stop it from moving? I only have very basic knowledge of ASM, so haven't got a clue where to start myself. Currently my setup is the air mob hit vac with the usual BE scripts, but only some of the larger maps (since jumping mobs are slightly limited) it's not possible to afk for long periods of time as most of the maps are large and flat. If anyone would be down for teaching me how to find this myself or showing me the process of finding it I'd greatly appreciate it
  11. Would be very helpful if all mooplers would join for this. Lets find those working nd/si skills! Blaster SI(ND) 37000008 , 37000007
  12. Progity

    Request Auto Pot Script update

    //GMS v177.3 //Percentage Auto_HP_MP //Credit to DAVHEED [enable] define(CWvsContext__OnKey,019DF8C0) //A1 ?? ?? ?? ?? 85 C0 74 ?? 8D 48 ?? 8B 01 8B 00 define(TSingleton_CWndMan___ms_pInstance,023B1C4C) //8B ? ? ? ? ? C6 ? ? ? E8 ? ? ? ? 8B ? BA ? ? ? ? C6 [POINTER] alloc(hook_hp, 128) alloc(hook_mp, 128) alloc(key_press,128) label(return_hp) label(return_mp) define(CTRL,001D0000) define(SHIFT,002A0000) define(INSERT,01520000) define(DEL,01530000) define(HOME,01470000) define(END,014F0000) define(PAGEUP,01490000) define(PAGEDOWN,01510000) define(ALT,00380000) 015BD42E: jmp hook_hp db 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 return_hp: hook_hp: cmp eax, #110 //% To hp on jnl return_normal_hp pushad mov eax,PAGEUP call key_press popad return_normal_hp: cmp eax,ecx jnl 015BD449 cmp [esi+00002B20],ebx jle 015BD441 jmp return_hp 015BD495: jmp hook_mp db 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 return_mp: hook_mp: cmp eax, #10 //% To mp on jnl return_normal_mp pushad mov eax,PAGEDOWN call key_press popad return_normal_mp: cmp eax,ecx jnl 015BD4B0 cmp [esi+00002B24],ebx jle 015BD4A8 jmp return_mp key_press: mov esi,[TSingleton_CWndMan___ms_pInstance] // 8B 15 ? ? ? ? 85 D2 74 23 mov ecx,[esi+A8] push eax push 00 call CWvsContext__OnKey ret [disable] 015BD42E: //CUI_StatusBar: 7D ? 39 ? ? ? 00 00 7E ? 8B CE - up to cmp cmp eax,ecx jnl 015BD449 cmp [esi+00002B20],ebx jle 015BD441 015BD495: //7D ? 39 ? ? ? 00 00 7E ? 8B CE - scroll to cmp part (2nd) cmp eax,ecx jnl 015BD4B0 cmp [esi+00002B24],ebx jle 015BD4A8 dealloc(hook_mp) dealloc(key_press) can someone update this one?
  13. Shooter

    Request Auto Pet Feed

    Would someone help me making This script for europe maplestory too? It would be highly appreciated, thanks in advance!
  14. Buu

    Request Kami loot and Insta loot

    hello does anyone have kami loot and insta loot for EMS? If anyone does please share it
  15. JustinTrill

    Request LF> Infinite Pianus Spawn Exploit

    I am wondering if anybody may happen to have a copy of the Infinite Pianus Spawn exploit! I would really appreciate it or if not point me in a direction where I can develop my own?
  16. Gimet05

    Request I want client of GMS v175.2.exe

    If, also want it if there is an EMS v118.2.exe Removed (GMS) https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=4E444988AAF22404!107&authkey=!AIaMSR1-1Schr20&ithint=folder%2c.exe Not been Upload (EMS) https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AHaCQEod7auaVUA&id=3825FD8C8BD9AC16!240&cid=3825FD8C8BD9AC16 We used the translation.
  17. Samis1

    Request FMA normal attack

    So are here no1 who would have understanding and time to help me. Trying to learn little bit more about making scripts to MS. I know some of the basics. Such as making own AoB, pointers, updating scripts and converting them like from GMS to EMS Real trouble still is to understand AoBs better like in this tutorial http://forum.cheatengine.org/viewtopic.php?t=95363 which btw i dont get shit out of it coz it is in english and i have hard time to try translate it to my own language. And i also learn much better when some1 is teaching what to do and why and doing it at same time. I havent never learned nothign so well by reading. So total reason for asking help is that i would like to start to make FMA for normal attacks and some other scripts.
  18. rafakinkas

    Request [Request] Item ID'S

    Hi everyone. i have some item ID's but its not working i don't know why. Im looking for Spell traces , cubics and chaos cubic Id's..
  19. I have a problem where I overlevel. Is there any scripts for crashing maplestory when X level is reached?
  20. Progity

    Request blazing extinction fma

    someone got a blazing extinction fma?
  21. this is the combo im reffering to : 0. hold down BOBBING and WEAVING 1. MAGNUM PUNCH 2. REVOLVING CANNON (-1 ammo) 3. DOUBLE BLAST 4. REVOLVING CANNON (-1 ammo) 5. release BOBBING (+2 ammo) to cancel DOUBLE BLAST animation 6. JUMP to cancel BOBBING and allow input immediately 7. hold down BOBBING 8. MAGNUM PUNCH 9. REVOLVING CANNON (-1 ammo) 10. DOUBLE BLAST 11. REVOLVING CANNON (-1 ammo) 12. release WEAVING (+2 ammo) to cancel DOUBLE BLAST animation 13. JUMP to cancel WEAVING and allow input immediately 14. hold down WEAVING (go to step 1) This is all done very quickly (~1.5 times per second) and it helps to have a macro for magnum punch + revolving cannon, and a second macro for double blast + revolving cannon. The reason both bobbing and weaving are used is to cancel out the small left and right movements AND if for example only bobbing were used, the small delay before it is considered "charged" would limit the speed of the combo, thus you need to release weaving to give bobbing time to charge and vice versa. If you want to practice slowly it is fine to use only bobbing (steps 0 to 7 then repeat).
  22. Progity

    Request auto pot and auto feed pet

    is there any auto pot or auto feed pet working for ems?
  23. PrinceFroggy

    Request MapleStory structure AOB's

    I am looking for the following pointers; Character X Y structure Monster structure Platform structure Rope structure
  24. Raymond

    Request Some addresses

    GMS v.173.1 CUserLocal::TryDoingBodyAttack = 0x01762200 // E8 ? ? ? ? 33 C9 83 C4 04 3D 47 function start CUserLocal::Update = 0x00A37150 // 55 8B EC 83 E4 F8 6A FF 68 ? ? ? ? 64 A1 00 00 00 00 50 81 ? ? ? ? ? 53 55 56 57 A1 ? ? ? ? 33 C4 50 8D 84 24 ? ? ? ? 64 A3 00 00 00 00 8B F1 8B Are thoses addies good?
  25. Raymond

    Request ida to analyze kms pdb

    Can anyone send me link(free) to download?