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Found 1 result

  1. SexySpecialist

    Question GMS login question

    i downloaded GMS today, made an account. also today. when i logged in started maple my new adventure seemed to have it all going for it. however the black mage had more impact on my as i would have thought. The sun that shined on me when i started the adventure, quicky changed into darkness. and a big black grim appeared. Looking like a mage of some sorts. as i tried to run from it by selecting a server and channel it came nearer to me. 1 step was left for me to escape eternal darkness! Yes, thats it. I should press the enter button. As i pressed the enter button i seem to be escaping it. since it was loading to the character screen. And thats when it occured to me. the game has stopped working error box. I thought of it as nothing. and quickly restarted the game. Hoping all would not be to late for my fate. And then it happend again. "this program has stopped responding". I saw the Black mage of some sorts coming even closer. And then it hit me. I should seek help before i would be consumed by this mage. Please people of moopler hear my call, and come to my aid. With kind regards of a mapler almost consumed by darkness....