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Found 2 results

  1. Hi boys 'n grills, A while ago I re-reversed the way the Nexon Launcher obtains the login token, so I could use my CLB again as well as my launcher. In case you wanted to code your own CLB or launcher, you can use these snippets to authenticate your accounts and obtain the required login token. Code How to use WebApi webApi = new WebApi(); if(!webApi.AccessToken.IsValid()) { await webApi.GetAccessToken(s.Context.Profile.Email, s.Context.Profile.Password); } NexonPassport passport = await webApi.GetPassport(webApi.AccessToken.Token); Console.WriteLine(passport.Token); Credits to Waty for the original structure of the WebApi class.
  2. Razz

    Moopler Two Factor Authentication

    Dear Mooplers, Moopler now supports a new Two Factor Authentication method: One Time Passport (OT). You can use a smartphone app to scan a QR code and receive a one-time password everytime you visit Moopler. You can setup 2-FA OTP through Account Settings > Account Security > Google Authenticator. Personally I recommend everyone to use the open source version called 'FreeOTP', maintained by Fedora or Red Hat. It's available on the Google Play Store and iOS Marketplace. Stay safe! Sincerely yours, Razz