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Found 2 results

  1. Hello guys, here is something you might be interested in. the script allows orbital flame to hit 15 lines of damage. Screenshots or video will be added later. have fun
  2. Yo guys. Here's a script that will instantly clear just about any map in maple at the moment, use it on mage class/jobs for maximum potential - otherwise damage won't hit bosses and will be level restricted. define(TSingleton__CUserPool,0211A8B8) define(people_limit,#1) [enable] /* Barrage skill FMA - GenerateMovePath container. v118.2 By DAVHEED */ alloc(hook, 256) label(return) label(filter) alloc(change_x_y, 256) label(return_x_y) alloc(current_mob_point, 4) registersymbol(current_mob_point) current_mob_point: dd 0 00B97670: jmp hook nop nop return: hook: pushad mov ebx,[TSingleton__CUserPool] mov ebx,[ebx+18] mov eax,people_limit cmp ebx,eax jge filter mov esi, ecx call 4ca1d0 cmp eax, 0098967F je filter mov eax, [esi+4] lea ecx, [esi+4] push current_mob_point call dword ptr [eax+10] mov ecx, [0210F5E0] push 04C4BB58 call 00DC2B60 push 1 push 0 push 1 push eax mov ecx, [0211609C] call 0171D710 filter: popad push -01 push 01A86951 jmp return 0171E321: jmp change_x_y nop return_x_y: change_x_y: mov ecx,[esp+50] mov eax, [current_mob_point+4] add eax, #-15 push eax mov edx, [current_mob_point] push edx jmp return_x_y [disable] 00B97670: push -01 push 01A86951 0171E321: mov ecx,[esp+50] push eax push edx dealloc(change_x_y) dealloc(hook) And now with a video of it in use (that char made it to lvl 229 before getting rekt, lul): And here, is a script that will just no delay it in a straight line - same class/job limitation as above. /* No delay 50m damage hack - straight line v118.2 - DAVHEED */ [enable] alloc(hook,222) label(return) label(exit) alloc(delay,4) delay: dd 0 0182E420: jmp hook return: hook: sub esp,0C push ebx push esi pushad inc [delay] cmp dword ptr [delay], #1 jne exit mov [delay], 0 mov ecx, [0210F5E0] push 04C4BB58 call 00DC2B60 push 1 push 0 push 1 push eax mov ecx, [0211609C] call 0171D710 exit: popad jmp return [disable] 0182E420: sub esp,0C push ebx push esi dealloc(hook) dealloc(delay) Have fun botting anywhere your heart desires.