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Found 1 result

  1. Razz

    Feedback Elite section name

    Dear Mooplers, In order to boost the activity on Moopler and increase the quality of the forum overall hippo and I have decided to start looking into possibilities for an 'elite' or exclusive section for Moopler. This section would contain more 'exotic' content that creators deem to be not suitable for a full blown public release. Access to this section will be given out based on forum activity and quality content(releases, answers, helping, etc.). We aim to start a pilot before the merge between EMS and GMS finishes. We would like to have your input for a name on the elite section ! So far we've come up with the following names ourselves: Moopler Elite Moopler Prestige Moopler Hacking Geeks Of course we would love to hear with the names you can come up with. Rules: Serious input only (No VippyMcVipFace-like names) Keep it civil Thanks again