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Found 37 results

  1. Razz

    Moopler The end

    Dear Mooplers, The time has come for Moopler to close. MapleStory hacking hasn't been appealing to me for a good two years now, but every now and then I would find some motivation to patch MapleStory, dust off my tools and give it a go. This motivation would usually go just as fast as it came. Seeing as the hacking community is practically non-existant now, I figured it would be time to close Moopler. I started hacking in 2007 when GMS was only v34 and NProtect's GameGuard was still a thing. I've been part of a number of communities: CEF, MPCForum, SNSGaming, w8baby/Gamersoul, CCPlz, Gamekiller, TastyExploit/WeCodez and eventually Moopler. Over the span of 12 years I have spent a ridiculous amount of time in this comunity, the peak years being 2010-2015. It would be spiteful to consider the time spent here wasted, as I have learned a lot about computers, programming and reverse engineering that come in handy in my professional life. Not only did I enjoy spending time here, it was also an escape from everyday life that wasn't always treating me that well. Last week I was reading back some topics on Moopler which made me laugh really hard on how serious I took certain things. The amount of drama in this scene was, or is, equivalent to a girls only high-school class. Arguably it is worse. Either way, I have had an amazing time over the past couple of years; made some money, learned some skills, made some friends. Heck, even met some of those people in real life. I wish you all the very best in life and hope you'll succeed in whatever path you decide to take. May you find happiness in whatever you decide to do and once again thank you. Special thanks to @OuterHaven and @hippo (even though I haven't seen or spoken to hippo in quite a while) for helping me run this community. ~ Razz ❤️ Moopler will close down effectively in July 2019 which means that: Relevant data will be ported to a GitHub repo where it can be maintained by others All other data will be deleted (GDPR compliant 😄)
  2. Razz

    Release Moopler Launcher

    Version 1.0.0


    Gave Moopler Launcher an update: Updated to work with the latest version of MapleStory Global (v203) Cleaned up the UI a little Encryption of the stored accounts is not available in this version. Will add this at a later point when I've cleaned house in my local repository. When encryption is added I will publish the source code on GitHub. In the meantime, feel free to inspect the .NET assembly with ILSpy or something. How to use (First use) Extract archive and place folder anywhere you like (I would suggest your Program Files (x86) directory) Open Moopler Launcher.exe Press the 'Cogs' icon to configure the MapleStory.exe path and save the settings Add one or more accounts to the database Press the save icon to save the database (%appdata%\Moopler\Moopler Launcher) How to use Open Moopler Launcher.exe Press the folder icon Select the account you want to launch MapleStory for Press the start button N.B. You need to have Nexon Launcher running, else MapleStory will throw an error. It does not matter which account is logged in on the launcher, if at all. Disclaimer Use this tool on your own risk. I am not responsible for any accounts getting banned.
  3. View File Moopler Launcher Gave Moopler Launcher an update: Updated to work with the latest version of MapleStory Global (v203) Cleaned up the UI a little Encryption of the stored accounts is not available in this version. Will add this at a later point when I've cleaned house in my local repository. When encryption is added I will publish the source code on GitHub. In the meantime, feel free to inspect the .NET assembly with ILSpy or something. How to use (First use) Extract archive and place folder anywhere you like (I would suggest your Program Files (x86) directory) Open Moopler Launcher.exe Press the 'Cogs' icon to configure the MapleStory.exe path and save the settings Add one or more accounts to the database Press the save icon to save the database (%appdata%\Moopler\Moopler Launcher) How to use Open Moopler Launcher.exe Press the folder icon Select the account you want to launch MapleStory for Press the start button N.B. You need to have Nexon Launcher running, else MapleStory will throw an error. It does not matter which account is logged in on the launcher, if at all. Disclaimer Use this tool on your own risk. I am not responsible for any accounts getting banned. Submitter Razz Submitted 10/03/19 Category Hacks MapleStory Version 203.2 Virusscan https://virusscan.jotti.org/en-US/filescanjob/i3pnykl5db Credits Razz  
  4. Razz

    Moopler Script editing

    Hey all, I just wanted to let you know that anyone can edit (read: update) scripts in the Scripts Database now. For now only the script, MapleStory version and optional remarks can be updated after the script has been posted. Hopefully this will make it easier to update scripts and prevent the Script Database from getting cluttered with outdated scripts. How to Open a script in the Script Database and press the 'Edit' link under the script. Rules The general 'core' rules apply. Abuse will result in a permanent ban. Yours sincerely, Razz
  5. Razz

    Moopler Server Migration

    Hey Mooplers, In order to cut down on hosting costs I will be moving Moopler.net to another server somewhere this week. The migration should not cause any problems, but in case it does I am truly sorry . I haven't been able to put in a lot of time and effort into Moopler, mainly due to the fact that I got and took some great opportunities in regards to my personal and professional life . Perhaps I'll find some time in the coming few weeks to work a bit on Moopler again. Yours truly, Razz
  6. Razz

    Moopler Scripts Database

    Hey Mooplers, We are proud to announce the long awaited pilot for the scripts database has arrived on Moopler . In the menu you will find a link that will redirect you to the scripts database. Purpose The purpose of the scripts database is to offer a single source of scripts to the community where anyone can update scripts after a patch. This 'wikistyle' editing will not yet be possible, as we have to assess the situation first. New content The scripts database is not a replacement for the Global MapleStory Hacks sub-forum. New or unique combinations of content should still be posted in a topic and in addition to that get added to the scripts database. Pilot? Through the pilot we hope to find out if the scripts database is a viable solution to the cluttering of the scripts threads. Feedback we get from the pilot will be taken under advisement, after which we plan to release a final version. How? You can click the button to add a new script to the scripts database. Please make sure that you correctly fill in all required fields, otherwise your entry might get removed. We would like to emphasize that credits are valued on Moopler and therefore we expect you to provide accurate credits where possible and encourage others to help maintain these credits. The community guidelines do also apply on the scripts database. Sincerely yours, Razz, hippo and OuterHaven
  7. Razz

    Moopler Two Factor Authentication

    Dear Mooplers, Moopler now supports a new Two Factor Authentication method: One Time Passport (OT). You can use a smartphone app to scan a QR code and receive a one-time password everytime you visit Moopler. You can setup 2-FA OTP through Account Settings > Account Security > Google Authenticator. Personally I recommend everyone to use the open source version called 'FreeOTP', maintained by Fedora or Red Hat. It's available on the Google Play Store and iOS Marketplace. Stay safe! Sincerely yours, Razz
  8. Dear Mooplers, As the end of 2016 approaches I would like to take a moment for some words on what has been and what will be. 2016 The year 2016 has been quite the year in terms of unexpected events and decisions. The thing we all hoped for or feared has happened: MapleStory Europe has merged with MapleStory Global. This didn't take Moopler completely by surprise, but it was a game changer nonetheless; we had to adapt. Survival of the fittest. We embraced the merge between Europe and Global and took it as an opportunity to develop the Moopler brand to a more mature one. In my opinion we have made some great progress in this aspect. Moopler is now a recognized name in the MapleStory Global (and Europe) hacking scene with a reasonably sized userbase. However, we have to keep on distinguishing ourselves from the other communities in terms of content, policies and userbase. Only this way we can become a bigger and better community. Staff members With more members and more content comes more work for the Moopler Staff. This is why @OuterHaven joined the moderator team in the role of content moderator. 2017 Aside from reflecting on what has been it's also good to look ahead for what is going to be in the coming year. In 2017 we will migrate the scripts library topic to a dedicated 'database' called "Scripts Library". This library allows any user to contribute scripts to the library, given that the script complies with the (quality) guidelines. I can show you a small preview of what it's going to be like: Behind the scenes we are working very hard on new and unique content that will strengthen our position. Commercial aspect It has been brought to my attention that a lot of other hacking communities, not necessarily MapleStory related, have started or have expanded their commercial portfolio. I want to emphasize that Moopler is a community driven by and for the community. The vision hippo, OuterHaven and I have for Moopler is one without a commercial purpose. Marketplace The marketplace for in-game items, goods and services has been postponed until further notice. One of the biggest reasons for this is the volatile MapleStory economy and extra demographic due to the merge. We are not certain we can realize a sufficient level of security for our potential traders. Last Words Thank you all for being a part of Moopler. Remember, Moopler is only as good as it's members. I suppose it's safe to say that you guys rock ! Enjoy the holidays, stay safe and we hope to see you all in 2017! Yours sincerely, hippo, OuterHaven and Razz.
  9. hippo

    Moopler 2000 Members

    Hello community, as you may noticed, moopler crossed the 2000 member line! We are very happy about the development of moopler! But what is a community without great members? Thats right, nothing! So we have to thank You! Without you, moopler wouldnt be anything. The team is very glad to have a nice community like this! Thanks to all people who contributed with hacks, scripts, trainers etc. Thanks to all people who help other with problems. Thanks to all people who make this place great! We know thats not always easy to do the right or satisfy every user here on moopler. But we are always trying to give our best for you and the community. It doesnt matter if you are a good coder or just a user, who enjoys to hack in maplestory. You will always matter here on moopler! Never forget that! At the end i would like to add something: The world is cruel, lets have a place where people treat each other with respect! Lets have a place where people stick together and have a good time! cheers, your moopler team
  10. Razz

    Moopler New theme

    Dear Mooplers, As you may have noticed Moopler's new theme is live as of now. This theme is now in its public beta phase and will be tweaked based on your input. If you notice a weird quirk, bug or something aesthetically unpleasing please send me a PM so I can take a look at it. Too much work has gone into this theme to let some of the changes go unnoticed, so I will list them below: New color scheme New font and font sizes Improved header Made the chatbox more compact Favicons for all platforms (including mobile devices) Feedback is welcome Yours Sincerely, Razz
  11. Razz

    Discussion New design

    Hey all, Behind the scenes I have been working on a more aesthetically pleasing design for Moopler. With the upcoming merge it seems like a good idea to (re-)establish the Moopler brand with a certain amount of improvements to the community. One of these improvements is a new design. I am about as creative as a brick, so I will need your help and input to come up with a good design for Moopler. Thus far I've come up with the following key points of the new design: Change the paragraph text size from 13px to 11-12px; The color scheme will consist out of dark headers, light backgrounds and a cool accent color; The accent color is yet to be determined. I am aiming for a 'neonish' tint of red or blue; A more compact header; Coherent set of icons on relevant places. It would be great if you guys and girls could show me some designs you like and tell me what you like about them
  12. Razz

    Moopler News Bulletin - September

    Dear Mooplers, The news bulletin for September has arrived just in the nick of time. Merge The merge between Nexon Europe and Nexon Global has been postponed until further notice. Nexon's estimate is "a few weeks". While Nexon has postponed their merge we at Moopler have merged the MapleStory Global and MapleStory Europe sub-forums, with the exception of the release sub-forums for obvious reasons. In the weeks to come we will finetune the new category and sub-forums to be as accurate as possible. Marketplace The core database and functionality for the Marketplace is considered finished. We will await the merge before we start finishing the procedural and aesthetic aspects of the Marketplace. Moopler Prestige Over the past few months we've had several requests for an 'Elite' section on Moopler where extremely valueable content could be shared with a small amount of people. Hippo, OuterHaven and I have thought long and hard about the design of such a section on Moopler. Currently we're working on the last procedures and rules and hope to launch Moopler Prestige before the end of October. More details will be posted once the section is ready to be opened. I suppose this is all for now. Sincerely yours, Razz, Hippo and OuterHaven
  13. Razz

    Feedback Elite section name

    Dear Mooplers, In order to boost the activity on Moopler and increase the quality of the forum overall hippo and I have decided to start looking into possibilities for an 'elite' or exclusive section for Moopler. This section would contain more 'exotic' content that creators deem to be not suitable for a full blown public release. Access to this section will be given out based on forum activity and quality content(releases, answers, helping, etc.). We aim to start a pilot before the merge between EMS and GMS finishes. We would like to have your input for a name on the elite section ! So far we've come up with the following names ourselves: Moopler Elite Moopler Prestige Moopler Hacking Geeks Of course we would love to hear with the names you can come up with. Rules: Serious input only (No VippyMcVipFace-like names) Keep it civil Thanks again
  14. Dear Mooplers, Moopler has been growing steadily for the past few months and we expect it to grow even more when EMS and GMS merge. In order to remain able to deliver the same quality as before hippo and I have appointed a new content moderator @OuterHaven. Congratulations! Content Moderator Moopler has two types of moderators: content- and community moderators. Both moderators have the same rights, but each of them focusses on their own area. Content moderators ensure the quality of downloadable and useable content on Moopler, whereas community moderators moderate the social aspects and are the public face of Moopler. The Moopler Staff operates as one team, but each with their own area of expertise and focus. Congratulate OuterHaven with his position as Content Mod
  15. Razz

    Moopler Moopler needs you!

    Dear Mooplers, A year ago I started Moopler with the goal to create a new and fresh forum for MapleStory Europe hackers. The realisation of this goal didn't go without any problems, but the result is mind blowing. The coming year we hope to bring Moopler to the next level in terms of content and userbase as hippo and I intend to use the merge between ems and gms as the perfect opportunity to expand. Donations I am usually not the type to beg for donations as I usually cover the void in donations myself to pay for the server costs. However, Moopler's forum software license has expired and needs to be renewed. The costs of this renewal are $50 and will allow Moopler to benefit from software updates and support for another six months. If you are considering to donate now would be a perfect moment to help us out ! Of course I will cover the remainder of the costs in case we do not reach $50. Once Nexon provides us with more information on the merge hippo and I will provide a roadmap of where we would like to see Moopler going in 2016-2017. Sincerely yours, Razz
  16. Rules and Guidelines Only post scripts in here If you do post a script, credit the original creators Please use Spoiler tag and Code tag within the spoiler tag for scripts Don't ask questions about using scripts in this topic Post only tested scripts Please indicate whether your script has a chance of autoban If you know original creator of a script please PM me and I will edit it in. Godmode Logo Skip Auto Aggro Mob Disarm Mob Confusion Mob Speed Up Mach GND Unlimited Attack Unlimited Arrow Platter Hide Nametags No Skill Cooldowns Perfect Stance Instant Resolution Changer ClearfieldUI No Fade Stages No Background Remove Screen Clutter No Mob Reaction No Delay Flash Jump Slide and Attack MouseGrip Enable Disabled Buttons Full Map Attack Auto Pick Up (except mesos) Orbital Flame Full Map Attack Blazing Extinction Full Map Attack No Delay Blazing Extinction Blazing Extinction Effect Removal Infinite Blazing Extinction Timer Kinesis FMA Instant Psychic Smash Dragon Dive Full Map Attack Dragon Breath After Every Attack No Stun Catchers No Dropping Stones Box Opener Tubi Box Opener Tubi v2 Gollux 1 HIT KO DISARM Infinite Blaster Bullets No Mob Death Animations Hide Most Skill Animations (As far as I'm aware the exceptions are things like BW,Kinesis,ETC)
  17. Razz

    Moopler News - July (Part 2)

    Dear Mooplers, In the past week some significant changes were made to Moopler with the goal of bringing Moopler in line with the never ending changes in the MapleStory hacking scene. Aside from these changes it was time to give Moopler a more decent theme and font. Visual Changes Behind the scenes I have been working on a new theme for Moopler, which should be a balance between light and dark. This theme will become the default theme for all Mooplers within the next two days. Aside from the new theme a new site-wide font called 'Source Sans Pro' has been configured. The navigation bar has been reorganized to be a better fit for the increasing amount of features and content on Moopler. Moopler Docs We are proud to present Moopler Docs as our internal platform for interactive (background)information, which require more functionalities than a regular topic offers. The first item that utilizes the Moopler Docs platform is a timeline that displays the various announcements and changes made by Nexon Europe in preparation of the merge with Nexon America. Moopler aims to be a community driven by the users, instead of the staff. Hence we would like to invite you to help create amazing content for Moopler Docs. Ideas for content, actual content, or functionalities are welcomed. Contact one of the staff members and see how you can help make Moopler great again. Prefixes & Tags Moopler has switched to a new, more legitimate plugin for handling the prefixes and tags functionality on the forum. Each (sub-)forum and downloads category now has its own predefined prefixes, which must be set when creating new content. Additional to the prefix tags can be set on the user's discretion, enhancing the accuracy of our internal search engine. Please do note that abuse will be punished. Programming Section Due to a lack of activity in this section the amount of sub-forums has been reduced to the following three: MapleStory Programming General Programming Resources Depending on the amount of activity after Nexon Europe's merge with Nexon America the sub-forums might be reviewed. License renewal It has been six months since Moopler switched to a legit license for its forum software, of which the support now has expired. The renewal costs are significantly lower than the costs of a new license. We would like to remind you that Moopler relies on donations for its hosting and licenses, as there's no products or services being sold. In the coming two weeks minor adjustments might be made to the board to ensure the best user experience. Sincerely yours, Razz, on behalf of The Moopler Staff
  18. Razz

    Moopler News - July

    Dear Mooplers, As you may or may not have noticed summer is at the doorstep, which means that school is (temporarily) over ! Due to both me and hippo being extremely busy with school and work there was no news bulletin for June. We sincerely hope you can forgive us for that . Community Guidelines First of all there will be a slight adjustment in the community guidelines in order to make them more fitting for the current situation on Moopler. The changes will affect the following topics: Frequently Asked Questions Asking, begging or demanding (updates for) tools Disrespecting the work or effort of others Once the change has been pushed all Mooplers will receive a pop-up asking them to agree with the community guidelines. Global MapleStory Our predictions about the volatile future of MapleStory Europe were correct, as Nexon Europe announced a merge with Nexon America. Thanks to people like @OuterHaven and @NewSprux2.0? the Global MapleStory hacks section has some neat and unique content . Moopler Trading The progress for Moopler Trading is slow, but consistent. There is no ETA yet as we're awaiting the merge with Nexon America. Effective Hacking series The effective hacking series will be continued as of this summer. We hope to get more people involved, so that there's more in-depth or behind the scenes information about certain aspects of hacking. Topic tagging In order to increase the effectiveness of Moopler's internal search engine and various other search engines we will add and require tags on topics. The exact implementation of this has yet to be determined. Sincerely yours, Razz, on behalf of The Moopler Staff
  19. Razz

    Moopler News - May

    Dear Mooplers, We're a good two weeks into May already and we thought it was time again for a news bulletin. 1,000 Members! First of all Congratulations! We have reached 1,000 members on Moopler. When Moopler was started in August 2015 I could not have expected this, I had expected Moopler to be a small community with only a handful of active members. Onwards to the next milestone: 1,500 members . MapleStory Global We have opened a MapleStory Global section on Moopler to diversify our "portfolio". Behind the scenes there is being worked on some new, unique content for this section, but as usual things like these take time. In the coming few weeks content will be added and will attract more (American) members to Moopler. Moopler Trading Moopler Trading is becoming more and more a rock solid trading platform. We are excited to reveal the first solid concept of Moopler Trading, which can be found here: https://trading.moopler.net/. We would like to invite and encourage all of you to take a look and create some 'dummy' data(fake data), so we can test the various features. You can use your Moopler.net username and password to login on Moopler Trading. Please leave us some feedback. Moopler Trading will, contrary to the original plan, become a part of this board hosted on moopler.net. It's too expensive to purchase another license just for the trading platform. Kinesis Update After more than 6 months of no updates MapleStory Europe is finally hinting on the arrival of a new class: Kinesis. When this update is to be expected is still unknown, but we intend to use the 'momentum' of this update to increase the activity in the MapleStory Europe hacking scene. Sincerely yours, Razz, on behalf of The Moopler Staff
  20. Razz

    Moopler Global MapleStory section

    Dear Mooplers, A new section has been added to Moopler: Global MapleStory. The future of MapleStory Europe is uncertain, which is why many hackers of the European MapleStory hacking scene already moved (partly) to Global MapleStory or plan to do so. Of course it would be a shame if we were to lose these great minds to the Global MapleStory hacking communities. Culture With a change of region also comes a change of culture: 'social' norms, values, precedents and so on. We, as Moopler staff, will do our best to act with integrity and honesty. The community guidelines (read: rules) might need adjustment to become coherent again. Content In the coming few days some content will be added to the Global MapleStory section in the hope that new or existing hackers will be attracted to what Moopler has to offer. It's not reasonable to expect Moopler to become the dominant community for MapleStory Global just yet, but as seen with MapleStory Europe we can certainly make a change . Credits & Licenses One of the key goals of opening this section is to encourage 'porting' of hacks from MapleStory Europe to MapleStory Global and vice versa. Porting these hacks comes with a minor issue: who can put his or her name on it? We would like to ask you to be honest and accurate in regards to credits and licenses. Final words We hope to light a spark and encourage people to pick up hacking once again, so that Moopler, and the community as a whole, may prosper. The Moopler Team
  21. Razz

    Moopler News - April

    Dear Mooplers, April is coming to an end and I noticed the last news bulletin was from February ! Behind the curtains there have been quite some changes and I think it's time to give you a sneak peek about what's going on. Staff Recruitment For a period of ~3 weeks there has been the possibility to apply for a staff position on Moopler in the role of Community- or Content Moderator, and GFX artist. As a result of this recruitment one new community moderator has been appointed: @hippo. There's still a spot open for a content moderator, if you think you have what it takes send me a PM with your motivation for this particular staff position. Effective Hacking series To get more people active in the European MapleStory hacking community I started the Effective Hacking series, which focuses on how to start hacking. I hope to achieve this goal by explaining how hacking is done nowadays and make people think about the various implications and opportunities for new and existing hacks. There are a few people that will help realise the more technical volumes of the Effective Hacking series. MapleStory Global As we all know MapleStory Europe is losing more and more players, which might result in Nexon Europe pulling the plug on MapleStory. We have no hard evidence that this might happen, but the fact that there hasn't been a patch in over half a year does not proof in favor. We rather not see Moopler take the fall together with European MapleStory, so the Moopler staff has researched the possibility of either expanding to another MapleStory or expand to another game. After a long discussion with various players in the MapleStory hacking scene we have decided that Moopler will also start facilitating hacks for MapleStory Global. More news in this regard will be communicated soon. Moopler Trading Since the start of Moopler people have asked whether Moopler will support trading of in-game items and accounts. We, the Moopler Staff, can now say with a reasonable amount of confidence that Moopler wil support trading of in-game items and accounts. More news in this regard will be communicated soon. Feedback We as staff do our very best to improve Moopler any day, but as any stakeholder our look on Moopler is not completely objective. Therefore we would like to ask and encourage you to share your feedback, be it positive or negative. Any feedback can help Moopler become a better place. Final words We are nearing 1,000 members which is a huge milestone in my books. I would like personally to thank you for your continuous support and positive effect on Moopler and the community as a whole. Sincerely yours, Razz, on behalf of The Moopler Staff
  22. General role As some of you may have noticed it has been an enervating amount of hours, seeing as that a certain member of CCPlz had his Skype logs leaked. The atmosphere in the community of the past few weeks has been tense. Old fights were being fought again and new ones started to arise while the staff was kept in the dark. DAVHEED approached me and asked for permission to release this information on Moopler. At first I didn't want Moopler to be a part of this, as I started Moopler to be different than CCPlz and not to see it crumble under the weight of the community's past and current drama. The reason why I allowed DAVHEED to post this information on Moopler, effectively undermining my own set of rules and ethical beliefs, was to get insight in what the fuck was currently going on. At the moment there are two or three fights being fought underground with consequences that could be felt on the surface once in a while(e.g. the Sprux account hack, Melv's endeavours with Nexon Staff). Members of the hacking community expect me to handle these kinds of situations, as they should expect of me. However, it makes my job incredibly hard if I have to work with the information presently known to me as no one ever decides to report things that aren't correct, or things that are going on. Moopler is a relatively new forum with up until two weeks ago almost no drama history, so there is not much to go on. That being said, I think it's time to wrap things up now. Due to the leaked information I finally got the chance to have a honest chat with some of the prominent actors in these fights, allowing me to construct a more clear view on what is going on and what needs to be done in order to return to a peaceful community that has learned from what happened. My own role To make the situation even more complex I also played a role in this leak. The leaked information contained logs on two people that stabbed me in the back for personal gain, discussing their moves against me. This infuriated me to the point where I did no longer care about my role as Administrator of Moopler anymore, I just wanted to see them burn and lose everything they had gained by stabbing me in the back. This new information clouded my judgement and I would like to apologize for that. From here and on Nickerian and Jafel pointed how incredibly hypocritical this situation is, as I usually am the one to bitch about endeavours like these. To prevent anymore drama from happening like it just happened I have decided the following: The rules will be revamped in the sense that it will be more clear when and where they apply; The staff will be expanded and the stance of Moopler, as a community, on inflammable situations will become a democratic(decided by all staff members) one. This should prevent my, or someone else's, personal feelings to get in the way of our role as staff of Moopler; DAVHEED will not banned as I explicitly gave him permission to post this information on Moopler.
  23. I am proud to announce the first Community Moderator in the history of Moopler. hippo sent me a PM in september or so asking me if I needed a moderator for Moopler. At the time I didn't deem it necessary, but as Moopler is growing I could really use some fresh opinions on topics and some extra hands to moderate Moopler. hippo has proven himself to be a valuable asset to Moopler by frequently helping the newcomers and create tutorials for those that do not have the knowledge and experience to figure things out themselves. Congratulations, @hippo !
  24. Razz

    Moopler Staff recruitment

    Dear Mooplers, As you may have noticed Moopler is nearing 800 registered members, a huge milestone in my books. With more members comes more responsibility and a higher workload. I can and wish no longer to be the only staff member on Moopler, therefore a few staff positions will become available in the coming few days. If you have the ambition and are willing to become a member of The Moopler Team, you can send me a PM in which you describe why you want this position and what makes you the best candidate. The following job positions are open: 1. Community moderator As a community moderator you are responsible for moderating the social aspects of Moopler. Your tasks include, but are not limited to: Enforcing the community guidelines where applicable; Mediating in conflicts between members or other parties; Helping users to the best of your abilities; Help draft several internal policies for Moopler; Moderating the various social aspects of Moopler, such as the chat- or shoutbox, forums, and downloads(reviews and comments). As moderator you will be the public face of Moopler. In order to find the most suitable candidate for this position, there are a few skills and characteristics that the candidate must have: A problem solving and de-escalating approach to potentially inflammable situations; Integrity is important to you; Enthousiastic and energetic attitude; Working proficiency level English; Knowledge of MapleStory and the functioning of the hacking community as a whole. 2. Content moderator As a content moderator you are responsible for moderating the 'downloadable' and 'usable' content posted on Moopler. Effectively this means that you are responsible for verifying the quality, integrity, safety and source of the posted content. This position is more technical than the position of community moderator. The reason why this is segregated is because someone can be a very good community moderator, but suck at the technical aspects of a hacking community, severely limiting his or her effectiveness and abilities as a global moderator. A content moderator is expected to: Enforce the community guidelines where applicable; Analyze posted content on malicious behaviour or -functionality; Verify software- and open source licenses referenced in projects and verify given credits; Analyze the quality of the content and provide feedback where necessary. In order to find the most suitable candidate for this position, there are a few skills and characteristics that the candidate must have: Analytical and curious mindset in regards to the various technical aspects of hacking; Technical skills on a sufficient level Experienced in a low-level programming language; Experience with reverse engineering windows applications; Aware of the various software security aspects. Integrity is important to you; Knowledge of MapleStory hacks and the functioning of MapleStory's features. 3. GFX Artist Because Moopler is becoming more and more of a recognized name in the MapleStory hacking community it is time for some visual changes to the Moopler theme. For this I will need someone experienced in designing web related content. A GFX artist is expected to: Being able to come up with a coherent set of visual elements, which enhance the forum experience; Being able to create a matching color scheme, fitting the theme of the forum; Being able to create a simple and flat icon for Moopler, to be used as favicon, header icon, and icon in imagery and videos. As the tasks of a GFX artist are only 'needed' for short amounts of time at irregular intervals the GFX artist will be rewarded with: a title as GFX artist for Moopler; a monetary gift as token of our appreciation for his or her services; Applications If you're interested in one or more of these staff positions shoot me a PM in which you describe the following: Which position you're applying for Why you're applying for this particular position What makes you the best candidate for this position Sincerely yours, Razz
  25. The case As some of you have seen and heard some members’ account on CCPlz have been compromised. These accounts have allegedly been access by our very own @Sprux. The method used for obtaining access to the accounts is presumed the use of old password, compromised on an earlier date. There have been plenty of occasions where CCPlz users became the victim of a so called ‘Jewhook’ and their usernames and passwords were stolen. Moopler's response Many people in the European MapleStory community are demanding a response to this act. Some of which demand Sprux to be permanently banned, others saying that it’s not necessary. And some even go to great lengths to turn this into a CCPlz vs. Moopler discussion. The community guidelines(read: rules) state the following: Don't involve Moopler in any fraudulent, unlawful, or heavily unethical activities. Partaking in account stealing, hacking, cracking, or looting is not allowed and heavily frowned upon. This is one of the few rules that, if broken, will result in a permanent ban and possible retaliation. The second rule mentioned above was created with the various 'Jewhooks' in mind and the effect of these attacks on the community as a whole. Because Moopler is an independant forum / community I will not punish users directly for their actions on / against other forums. Neither do I deem it proven that accounts have been hacked in the sense that a layer of technical measures have been ‘cracked’ in order to gain access. However, this does not change the fact that Sprux has accessed several accounts on CCPlz and directly involved Moopler in this charade. For this he will be punished. Independance I want to make perfectly clear that Moopler, while it has strong ties to the ‘dominant’ forum in the EMS hacking community, is its own and independent forum / community. Demands on how Moopler is being governed and led will be taken as an insult and will be discarded. Final words Any user causing unnecessary and unprovoked drama at Moopler will be banned for a two day period, no discussion. Please use this topic for (civilized) discussions on this matter.