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Found 2 results

  1. hey all, i got a modify client for elisionms and im trying to update it but i dont have enough knowledge .. its suppose to be small work just to pass hashcheck of skills.wz file im willing to pay for it
  2. Razz

    Question Reactor mining/herbing

    Hey y'all, I'm trying to mine all veins and herbs in a map with packets, but can't seem to get it to work on GMS v182.2. I had it working on EMS, but the packet structure changed a bit over time. I initiate the mining process by emulating CUserLocal::SendGatherRequest and handling the response by emulating a CReactorPool::HitGatherReactor. However, this last packet does not sollicit a response from the channel server. public static void ReactorPool__HitGatherReactor<T>(this ChannelStageBase<T> s, uint id) where T : ChannelContextModel { try { PacketWriter writer = new PacketWriter(ChannelHeaders.S_ReactorPool_HitGatherReactor); writer.WriteUInt32(id); writer.WriteUInt32(3); //? writer.WriteUInt16(0); writer.WriteUInt32(0); if (s.NetClient != null && s.NetClient.Connected) s.NetClient.SendPacket(writer, false); } catch (PacketException pEx) { //TODO: Handle exception throw; } } Does anyone know if: Full map reactor mining/herbing still works on GMS? What I might be doing wrong, resulting in no response? Any help would be greatly appreciated