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Found 3 results

  1. Razz

    Moopler Scripts Database

    Hey Mooplers, We are proud to announce the long awaited pilot for the scripts database has arrived on Moopler . In the menu you will find a link that will redirect you to the scripts database. Purpose The purpose of the scripts database is to offer a single source of scripts to the community where anyone can update scripts after a patch. This 'wikistyle' editing will not yet be possible, as we have to assess the situation first. New content The scripts database is not a replacement for the Global MapleStory Hacks sub-forum. New or unique combinations of content should still be posted in a topic and in addition to that get added to the scripts database. Pilot? Through the pilot we hope to find out if the scripts database is a viable solution to the cluttering of the scripts threads. Feedback we get from the pilot will be taken under advisement, after which we plan to release a final version. How? You can click the button to add a new script to the scripts database. Please make sure that you correctly fill in all required fields, otherwise your entry might get removed. We would like to emphasize that credits are valued on Moopler and therefore we expect you to provide accurate credits where possible and encourage others to help maintain these credits. The community guidelines do also apply on the scripts database. Sincerely yours, Razz, hippo and OuterHaven
  2. SoCoolkid

    Question How to use scripts on CE ?

    I literally have no clue how to use CE and i would like to know how can I use it to make this script work. (script posted by OuterHaven ) God Mode //v178.3 [enable] 01CC8DAE: db 0F 84 [disable] 01CC8DAE: // 74 ? 8D ? ? ? ? ? E8 ? ? ? ? 85 C0 0F 85 ? ? ? ? 8D ? ? ? ? ? E8 [jne below] db 0F 85 If you have any links to vidos that explain how to do so please link them. Thanks in advance.
  3. Topic Rules Only post scripts in here Don't ask questions about using scripts in this topic Post only tested scripts Please indicate whether your script has a chance of autoban Full Godmode Generic FMA More will follow tomorrow.