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Best maps for 500k dmg hack?


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a fast way is to change ur 500k to 50m and kill chaos zakum and chaos Horntail, easy levels there, otherwise i would follow any normal guide.

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in game you have a perfect guide for that just press u or y  i can't remember it, but it all depends if you want to lvl up fast or just bot.
If ur botting to get money and cubics and so on you better go to maps in ur level range if you want to level up fast just go to mobs above ur average.
At lvl 10 i go to Gold Beach till 30
Then i go to Drakes till 50
from 50 u can go to Wolfspiders or at 60 go to magatia or leafre till 100 or something
then go ToT and so on. Well this is what i do .

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Last patch I tested the 500k Damage Hack at Wolf Habitat, it worked quite well there as the spawn there was/is glitched. Not sure if that map is still accessible.

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