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Steam Giveaway 20+ Games

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Hey guys,

I just bought a lot of bundles and I found a lot of games I already had so I thought why not give them away.

How do you enter?

  1. Name any number between 1-500
  2. subscribe to my YouTube channel 

There will be not one not two but six(6) winners.

The giveaway closes on the 4th of December

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  1. mankool: 240
  2. mitakassss: 386

  3. Ragnar: 117

  4. Schnee: 250

  5. hippo: 137

  6. Chubbz: 3


I'll Pm you all with the keys. Sorry if you didn't win this time but I will do this more often if you guys like it, I might even try to do this once a month if more people join in.

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