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Moopler “And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been”

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Dear Mooplers,

As the end of 2015 approaches I would like to take a moment for some words on what has been and what will be.


I started Moopler in August of this year with the idea of blowing new life into the European MapleStory hacking community. Before I started Moopler I was aware of the difficulty of this vision, as there are so many variables that are nearly impossible to account for. Nevertheless, I am very proud of what Moopler has become, even more so when you relativate it to other MapleStory hacking forums such as CCPlz. Gamekiller, Gamersoul and WeCodez; they've taken a really big hit in regards to activity and original content.

In the short four months Moopler has been online there have been some 'happenings' that stood out. I guess in some way you could call them milestones:

1. Damage Hack

Damage hack increases your damage to either 500,000 or 50,000,000, depending on the skill you 'inject'. This is all thanks to our (in)famous member @Sprux, as he was nice enough to release this. Good job @Sprux!

2. Xigncode3 + MSCRC Bypass

When Nexon Europe introduced this relatively unknown piece of software to serve as an anti-cheat solution not many people knew what we hackers were dealing with. Thanks to the efforts of people like @Chubbz, @Sprux, @XShade and @Naz a working bypass got released, heartbeat emulators were coded and premium bypasses are being developed. Unfortunately the public bypass didn't last long, as Xigncode3 fixed a flaw in Xigncode3's driver.

3. Exploits

We all know the exploits found and/or released by the true packet guy @YeeShin. Exploits like infinitely spawning Pianus, receiving unlimited amounts of fame, and even an experience exploit are the work of this guy. You're awesome, @YeeShin!

Broken promises

When Moopler launched officially in september I made some promises. With cheeks blushing of shame I have to admit that I have failed to abide my promises to Moopler, something I deeply regret. I would love to say that I will make up for the broken promises by abiding them in 2016, but I am unsure whether I have the time to effect these promises. Regardless, I owe you one.


It's true when people say that nobody knows what the future will hold. This doesn't stop us from make careful predictions about what is to come. I envision Moopler to grow into a more mature forum in terms of solid userbase and original content, perhaps Moopler will even become the go to place for other regions.

Last words

I've already thanked a handful of Mooplers, but wanted to thank some other members that have contributed greatly to Moopler. Thank you hippo, wanndi, and all other Moopler members that have contributed in one way or another!


Enjoy the holidays, stay safe and I hope to see you in 2016 :yay:.

The Moopler Team

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Actually, they didn't fix a flaw in the driver, but they began throwing errors now, when detecting that the driver isn't running. Also, Naz didn't actually do anything himself, just pointing out :troll:

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