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Question Xigncode Initialization Error (0x0000007E)


The Xigncode bypass works perfectly on my desktop, but somehow doesn't work on my VM.

OS: Windows 10 x64

Virtualization Platform: VMWare Workstation

Does anyone know how to fix this?

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I received the error after placing the x3.xem. The weird thing is that it works just fine on my desktop. I also tried to copy the complete EMS folder from my desktop to the VM -> still the same bs.

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hmmm. then i have no clue O.o

i remember when i had that error, what i did was just delete whole EMS and just open the setup as admin again. (i always keep the setup file just in case)

after that did the exact same shit what was mentioned in the video and it worked :/

i always have my patience

Try checking  the bypass hack, maybe there has something changed. just in case

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I got this error, when my vm didnt have a connection to the internet. 

I reinstalled the Adapter and it worked again

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