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1 hour ago, ampa2016 said:

Hello everyone I am a man Korea.

KMS Xign Code bypass success Thank you^^

I ask a question not related with topic. Please understand 


Nexon SuddenAttack Xign Code I want to bypass.

visual studio XignCode3 Bypass.sln source Change help me ~



I think you would need to use the map in which the Xigncode files are present. If that happens to be the 'SuddenAttack' folder, use that one.

Edit: I've also changed your title to a more descriptive one, so that others can also benefit from the answers posted here.

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Hello, ampa2016.

I'm Korean too.

You said that you succeed KMS XignCode bypass.

If it work yet, I want to know how to use it.

I stayed up all night cuz I searching about it on google.

Please help me.


Here is my Skype ID: chg968

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