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Release Open Job Change Exploit - MVE-2016-01

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Mitakassss decided to release this exploit to the public to let it go patched for good. Melv already had the pleasure of reporting it to Nexon last sunday / monday and mitakassss won't be giving him the opportunity to use this whenever Nexon unpatches their hotfix.


  • Lvl 101+ explorer
  • Access to any star planet server
  • Enough mesos to complete the job change once


This exploit abuses the open job change feature for explorers. Once you get to level 101 you can use mesos to change your job(within your job branch) in leafre. When you've changed your job you'll receive a generic gift box, which contains a weapon for your current class. In a regular world this would not work as you can only change your job once per day and even if you could change it infinitely it would still cost your more than you would gain.

This is the part where star world comes in. This feature works exactly the same in star world as it does in a regular world, with one exception: some of your character's properties get set back to the values they were before entering star world. For this exploit it means that your mesos and job changed boolean get reset.to what they originally were, allowing you to change your job an infinite amount of times, given that you are able to access star world.

In order to maximize your gains you would have to use a character in the thief branch: dual blader, shadower or night lord(or whatever the sin 4th job is called), as a dual blader receives two equips from the gift box.

Packets v116.2

These are the most important packets for this exploit:

15 02 [B2 01 00 00] 00 - Dual Blader
15 02 [A6 01 00 00] 00 - Shadower
The four bytes between brackets form the job id

After sending the aforementioned packet you'll receive a result:

1E 01 [00]
The byte between the brackets is the result of the job change. So far I have encountered the following values:

public enum ChangeJobResult : byte
        Success = 0x00,
        InvalidJob = 0x04,
        DayLimitReached = 0x06,
        InventoryFull = 0x07,


  1. Enter star world
  2. Change job
  3. Leave star world
  4. Goto step 1 until inventory is full
  5. Open gift box until equip inv full
  6. Sell equips
  7. If there are still gift boxes goto step 5
  8. Goto step 1

Have fun.

Credits: mitakassss

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