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Moopler Public statement - CCPlz account compromise

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The case


As some of you have seen and heard some members’ account on CCPlz have been compromised. These accounts have allegedly been access by our very own @Sprux.

The method used for obtaining access to the accounts is presumed the use of old password, compromised on an earlier date. There have been plenty of occasions where CCPlz users became the victim of a so called ‘Jewhook’ and their usernames and passwords were stolen.

Moopler's response

Many people in the European MapleStory community are demanding a response to this act. Some of which demand Sprux to be permanently banned, others saying that it’s not necessary. And some even go to great lengths to turn this into a CCPlz vs. Moopler discussion.


The community guidelines(read: rules) state the following:

  • Don't involve Moopler in any fraudulent, unlawful, or heavily unethical activities.
  • Partaking in account stealing, hacking, cracking, or looting is not allowed and heavily frowned upon. This is one of the few rules that, if broken, will result in a permanent ban and possible retaliation.

The second rule mentioned above was created with the various 'Jewhooks' in mind and the effect of these attacks on the community as a whole. Because Moopler is an independant forum / community I will not punish users directly for their actions on / against other forums. Neither do I deem it proven that accounts have been hacked in the sense that a layer of technical measures have been ‘cracked’ in order to gain access. However, this does not change the fact that Sprux has accessed several accounts on CCPlz and directly involved Moopler in this charade. For this he will be punished.


I want to make perfectly clear that Moopler, while it has strong ties to the ‘dominant’ forum in the EMS hacking community, is its own and independent forum / community. Demands on how Moopler is being governed and led will be taken as an insult and will be discarded.

Final words

Any user causing unnecessary and unprovoked drama at Moopler will be banned for a two day period, no discussion. Please use this topic for (civilized) discussions on this matter.

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