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Introduction Why, hello there

Do you like me?  

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Hello Mooplers, my name is Ryan (most know me as Chubbz) and I'm from Canada. I started playing MapleStory in '06 and been around the hacking scene for quite some time now (not as long as those 1337 haxors, you know who you are:ohyou:). I'm in my last (4th) year of university, majoring in psychology. I like to party a lot and play basketball. Though I do smoke (that ganja) and drink too. Coding is just a side hobby I do it when I'm bored or when I have no school and I'm an amateur when in comes to reverse engineering (still learning).

Hopefully I stay around to see the website grow to something amazing! Nice to meet you all <3


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1337 haxors pls o.O





Anyhow , Welcome ^_^





He means people like me :)


@Razz wat update is going to add those dislike button we do desperately need :ohyou:

That wouldn't be fair :ohyou:

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