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Guide Meso Farming Maps

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Here's a list of maps (I don't know if they're known in EMS or not) to farm mesos at.

- Suburban Area 1, 2
- Mysterious Path 2, 3
- Ghost Ship 1, 2, 5, 6
- Ulu City Entrance
- Ulu Estate III
- Long Kiss Duku Good Night
- Destroyed Park I, II

- Hibiscus Road 2
- Fantasy Theme Park 1, 2
- Entrance to the Spooky World

- The Secret Spa (M)
- The Secret Spa (F)

Golden Temple

Sakura Castle

- Zenumist Research Institute: Lab - Unit 101

- Destroyed Dragon Nest
- Mini Dungeon: Newt Secured Zone
- Dangerous Dragon Nest

Aqua Road
- Turban Shell Hill
- Forked Road: West Sea

- New Leaf City: Mountain Slopes
- MesoGears: Wolf Spider Cavern
- Crimsonwood Keep: The Inferno Chamber
- Phantom Forest: Forgotten Path
- Crimsonwood: Valley of Heroes 2
- Crimsonwood: Upper Ascent
- Crimsonwood: Cavern of Fear
- Crimsonwood: Cavern of Shame
- Crimsonwood: Cavern of Fortitude
- Crimsonwood: The Path of Strength


For best results:
1. Use a meso/drop multiplier (coupon, familiar, etc.)
2. Kishin glitch the map
3. BWFMA+Semi-IV
4. Profit?


Happy Moopling!

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Appreciate the idea, but by posting this it just turns them into hotspots drastically increasing the chance to get banned/chained..

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