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Tutorial Effective Hacking I - Back to history

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As many of you might have already noticed damage hack has been patched, effectively eliminating the most prominent and profitable way of hacking in MapleStory Europe of 2015-2016. As many of you are clueless on how to continue I'll write a series of small tutorials helping you get back at hacking. These tutorials are written from a rather abstract perspective, making them applicable in a variety of situations.

Part I - Back to history

Before we dive into the specifics of nowadays hacking in European MapleStory it's good to have a quick look at the history of hacking in European MapleStory. Hacking evolves just like any other subject, the countermeasures become more strict, the hacks more advanced. There's a few prominent phases in the history of hacking, which I'll describe below:

Phase I

Only few countermeasures were in place, allowing incredibly powerful hacks such as 1-Hit Knockout and basic exploits.

Phase II

The countermeasures taken by Wizet were getting more advanced, eliminating the aforementioned hacks. Hackers had to shift to other ways of mass killing monsters. This is when the first Monster vaccuums were developed and released to the public. One fairly popular method of vaccing monsters is called DupeX. Alongside these monster vacs another kind of hack was being released: dEM(I). This hack allowed you to hit the whole map and it would let the items drop on your character's X/Y.

Phase III

After more countermeasures hackers shifted to hacks like PG Hack. Which would exploit the reflective damage if a character would get hit by a monster. Combining this with no blink and a godmode that would let the damage get reflected, but not substracted from your HP resulted in a very powerful full map hack.

Phase IV

When bypasses got scarce the age of .Wz Edits started. Hacks like pVac, sVac and ND Slash Blast were developed and used for a couple of version, until sVac got patched. pVac and fVac both had their assembly counterparts that returned when a bypas became publicly available again.

Phase V

This where Kami came to life. The first few versions of Kami were rather simple: teleport to a mob and let a separate macro take care of the attacking. Once Kami became more and more common it advanced to what it has become today: a full fledged hack that takes care of a significant portion of the hacking necessities.

Phase VI

This is the stage we are in now. Hacking has become a very delicate art with a decent amount of hacks available to the semi-public. For the general public it's become a bit harder as there's not many hacks available to them that work fine out of the box.

This lesson of history has been written from my point of view and memories. There might be some minor flaws in the chronological order of the hacks, but it's to get an idea of what hacking was and has become.

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1 hour ago, Talon said:

DupeX is the longest known vac hack. It still works if you vac up to a maximum of X amount of mobs. :D

If you ever feel the urge to share it, it's welcome on Moopler :D

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