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Tutorial Effective Hacking II - Starting a new bot account

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As many of you might have already noticed damage hack has been patched, effectively eliminating the most prominent and profitable way of hacking in MapleStory Europe of 2015-2016. As many of you are clueless on how to continue I'll write a series of small tutorials helping you get back at hacking. These tutorials are written from a rather abstract perspective, making them applicable in a variety of situations.

Part II – Starting a new bot account

This part of the Effective Hacking series will go in-depth about starting a new account and character to bot with. It will describe some of the countermeasures Nexon Europe has in place to detect hackers and will give some insight in the pros and cons of some classes. Please do note that this is all from my personal experience and might be subject to change in the (near) future.   

Preliminary steps

Nexon Europe is getting more and more aggressive with their chain- and hellbans, forcing hackers to move to VPN’s and Proxies to hide their true identities. Depending on how serious you are about botting in MapleStory Europe you might want to take the following measures to prevent yourself from getting chain- or hellbanned:

  • VPN
    A VPN(Virtual Private Network) is a concept that describes how computers spread globally around the world can be mashed together like a local network, with additional safety so that others cannot read what is being communicated between these ‘local’ machines. Due to this virtual network it becomes possible to route traffic from these hosts through a gateway, just like your home router, which hides the true IP addresses of the various computers in the network;
  • (SOCKS) Proxy
    A proxy is a way of routing traffic from your computer through another computer, which hides your original IP. The downside of this is that it’s often slower than a VPN.

If you’re just botting 1-5 accounts it isn’t worth the hassle to buy a VPN. However, if you decide to go big and ‘professional’ you might want to buy a VPN and use VMWare or another Virtualization Software to segregate and cluster your MapleStory instances across various VM’s, which allows you to use multiple VPN connections and thus multiple IP’s from one PC.

Creating- and managing accounts

It’s best to create the account with the same IP as you’re going to be botting with, as Nexon might also log the IP that created the account.

Of course my opinion is that it’s best to use a tool to manage your accounts, so you don’t have to use Nexon’s crappy and intrusive Launcher. Below I’ve listed some options for you to pick from. Please do note that this step is optional.

Bypassing the Anti-Hacking software and internal CRC

Over the years MapleStory has used a lot of Anti-Hacking software: GameGuard, Hackshield and now Xigncode3 and Nexon Game Security. At the moment there is a Xigncode3 Emulator available on WeCodez.com that may or may not work for European MapleStory.

Another security measure by Nexon is the use of a Cyclic Redundancy Check the detection changes in certain memory areas used by MapleStory for its functionalities. As hacks change the memory to alter the functionality of the client this is something that must be bypassed as well. There’s an Auto-Updating CRC Bypass available on Moopler and Dynamic CRC Bypasser on WeCodez.

Hardware profiling

Nexon uses your hardware profile to identify other accounts that related to the account that has broken the ToS. Your hardware profile consists out of:

  • MAC Address of your network adapter;
  • The serial number of your HDD;
  • Your local IP address;
  • A checksum of the abovementioned properties.

Currently there is a script available to randomize the hardware profile so it becomes practically impossible for Nexon to identify other accounts belonging to you based on this information.


alloc(macformathook, 512)
globalalloc(initrandomhwid, 128)
alloc(randomhwid, 512)


014C6A80: // 81 ? ? ? ? ? 33 ? ? 89 ? ? ? ? 89 ? ? ? 89
db C3 90 90 90 90 90

008DAA70: // ? C1 ? ? 0F ? ? ? 0F ? ? ? ? ? ? ? C1 ? ? 0F
jmp macformathook
db 90 90

014C6D50: // 8D 41 14 C3
lea eax, [randomhwid]

lea ecx, [randomhwid]
movzx eax, byte ptr [ecx]
push eax
movzx eax, byte ptr [ecx+1]
push eax
movzx eax, byte ptr [ecx+2]
push eax
movzx eax, byte ptr [ecx+3]
push eax
movzx eax, byte ptr [ecx+4]
push eax
movzx eax, byte ptr [ecx+5]
push eax
movzx eax, byte ptr [ecx+6]
push eax
movzx eax, byte ptr [ecx+7]
push eax
movzx eax, byte ptr [ecx+8]
push eax
movzx eax, byte ptr [ecx+9]
push eax

jmp 008DAABE // lea ecx,[esp+40]

call GetTickCount
push eax
call srand
add esp, 4
mov ebx, 

call rand
and eax, 000000FF
lea edx, [randomhwid]
add edx, ebx
mov byte ptr [edx], al
inc ebx
cmp ebx, #512
jbe inithwidloop




To detect and prevent hackers Nexon has a variety of measures in place:

Measures Nexon





Xigncode3 Emulator

Cyclic Redundancy Checks

CRC Bypass

Hardware Profiling

HWID Randomizer

Software Profiling (Process list)


Thread Id verification

Thread Id spoofing


Before you can start botting on a large scale it’s good to think of a strategy for your new botting accounts. In this strategy the following questions could be answered:

  • Which classes are suitable for botting in my situation?
  • How am I going to fund my botting chars with equips and potions?
  • What are my go-to training spots for low level accounts?
  • What are my goals for botting?
  • Which items do I wish to obtain?
  • What level do I wish to reach?
  • How am I going to increase my Experience, Drop, or Meso rate?
  • How am I going to increase the spawnrate in the map?
  • What questlines do I need to finish before I can reach my desired botting map?
  • What link skills do I wish to use?.

The aforementioned questions are merely a suggestion for the content of a good strategy. There is no need to write the strategy down, but it would most certainly help you keep track of what you are doing.

Classes and Jobs

As promised I’ll highlight a few classes that are commonly used for botting:

Explorers – Thief


The thief class, and more specifically the chief bandit branch, has a passive skill that increases the amount of mesos dropped by monsters. However, there is no way to skip the tutorial so you will have to finish Maple Island manually.



Kaiser is a powerful Job that can skip the tutorials,  resulting in a level 10 character ready to roll. As Kaiser’s hometown is Phanteon you can instantly use the portal in the chapel. Aside from these benefits Kaiser has a high attack speed and good damage from skills.

Demon Slayer / -Avenger


The demon class is also a good choice for botting as they do not use mana, so there is no need to use potions if you use a Godmode. Just like Kaiser the demon class can also skip the tutorials.

Blaze Wizard

There is a public hack that makes an attack by a Blaze Wizard reach the whole map, allowing stable botting with items being dropped on your character's x/y. Unfortunately you can't skip the tutorial.

If any of you have experience with botting other classes feel free to share this information.

Last words

Now that you’ve decided which strategy you are going to use for botting your accounts and have taken countermeasures to prevent Nexon from chainbanning you it is time to continue with the hacking / botting itself. In the next part of the Effective Hacking series I will describe a generic approach to stable hacking with Kami and explain some of the dos and don’ts.

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I give this meme 10 points for being informative and 15 additional points for it being quotable. I'm also going to give it a quality meme, as well as a semi-forced meme, but I do think overall this is a good meme. Can certainly see this as one of the better memes of 2016.

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Thank you so much for this post. I haven't finished reading but at first glance looks packed with valuable information. I am one of those clueless hackers who's looking for a new method! 



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