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Harmy said: 
The abuse is ridiculous, the hypocrisy from Jafel and Robert is just out of control.

Time after time member's keep getting banned and shout box banned for expressing any opinions they may have, whether it be about the forum or staff members. Two farewell topic's have been locked, (Zion's & Charmie), for the simple reason of 'drama' when we all know that they were locked because of the opinion's expressed about Jafel & Robert. I unlocked Zion's because drama can be handled without locking topics, especially small drama such as that. Same reason I unlocked Charmie's.

Unbanned @Nickerian and @Nazgul1444 from shout box.
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"Boss Helper Revamped has a 'Full CPU Hack' option that basically reduces lag to an extreme. (Black BackGround, Black Platforms). Basically all you can see are teleports, mobs and other players"

- Unknown

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  1. [IMG] 3 minutes ago - Razz: 
    All girls have nudes of themselves. Period.
  2. [IMG] 3 minutes ago - Shadow: 
  3. [IMG] 3 minutes ago - Razz: 
    That's why Naz became a professional hacker


  1. [IMG] Yesterday at 7:57 PM - Conquest: 
    why so serious?
  2. [IMG] Yesterday at 8:42 PM - [D.R.T]: 
    cuz isn't ccplz


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