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Moopler has grown an unimaginable amount in the short two weeks it's been online, something I never deemed possible. It brings me joy to see all the quality releases and the involvement of Mooplers, because of this I finally can announce the official launch of Moopler.net. You might wonder what could be so special about this. As you know some developers have been busy developing content exclusively for Moopler, or for the whole community (these two aren't mutually exclusive). Some developers dropped a few sneak peaks, others have not.

When will Moopler launch?

We aim to launch Moopler before September 1st 2015, it all depends on the logistics of the launch.

What can we expect?

You can expect a whole new botting experience, including an allround tool that will cater your every need.

How can I show my appreciation?

Several people have messaged me about donating; for now everything has been taken care off, but in the future there might be need for some software licenses to keep this forum up and running. You can show your appreciation by telling your hacker friends about Moopler and make them join our wonderful community.

More details about the launch will be published in the near future.

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Due to both Waty and me underestimating the workload of our studies the Official Moopler Launch has been delayed until further notice. Moopler will be launched officially, but I need some more time to polish the tools before I can release them.

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